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Monthly Archives: October 2010

  • Watercolour in Cardmaking - Fairy Wishes

    My Watercolour Painting Card

      Having the use to so many Artists and Hobby Craft Materials in our house and, having the skill to use various materials I have the joy to create artworks and cards using the wide range of supplies that we have in stock, at an arms length away too.

    My love of watercolour painting has been a love of mine since I was a young teenager and, I have worked with various brands of  Water colour. But, for me Royal Talens Rembrandt Watercoloursare by far the best I have come across. The purity and richness of colour is striking and very vivid making them so lovely to work with. You can see the richness of the colours in the stamped fairy I have painted in with my WC paints. I woul;d never dream of using Winsor & Newton, Galleria or any other brand again. Talens paints really do take over from the other brands and the quality is far better as well as price too. You sure do gte your moneys worth.

    You do not necessarily have to use WC paints to paint images. You could opt to use the Liquid Ecoline Inks as these are quite similar to watercolours just, that they are in Ink form and are water based. They are designed for graphic artists, illustrators and graphic artists also.  Ideal for card-making I think too. The fluidity of them, from which I have seen, is just something else. I have not yet used them but, have a bag filled with the full range. Really need to sort my shelves out and get them on show and hopefully encourage me to use and apply in my card-making! Ecoline Liquid Inks are very popular on our website and we have sold many plus, Ecoline sets, overseas.

  • Cardmaking with Glass painting (birthday wishes)

     Butterfly Happy Birthday Card

    This card I have made was more of an experiment than anything else. I wanted to make an aperture and have my glass painted butterfly topper overlaying the aperture in some way. I created the Butterfly topper using colours 350 Fuschia and 126 White Opaque, each colour used on a different size of butterfly. I used Gold Relief paint as the outline of the topper. I painted the toper with the glass paint thickly, straight from the jar. As you can see the glass paint colours are extremely rich and pure.

     I worked the butterfly with some yummy delicate papermania red hot papers and created an aperture allowing to see the patterned papers on the inside of the card, giving more interest. I overlay the butterfly on the layered rectangle sitting over the aperture creating the effect of the glass painted butterfly, as if about to flutter off the card. I used lots of pretty paper flowers and a couple of die cut sentiments also and decorated the inside. You could also, though, use acrylic paints to create this butterfly if you would like or any other painting medium.

  • Glass Painting Stampede!

    Glass Painting Groups

    Well it was meant to be a gentle start back to a new term of our glass painting classes but our new glass paints are proving very popular and word has spread!  The aim was to use up the last of the supplies of our old glass paints but now that folk have seen the quality of the Decorfin range, they don't want to use the old stuff!  The range of colours and the finish compared to our old supplies really does make a difference.  We are also discovering that a little goes a long way!

    Our craft class really is a mixed bunch - from over 60's (indeed some over 90's!), some guys from a hostel next door and local folk, like Rolanda in the picture above, a local mum who just wanted something to do and who has proved to be quite an expert!  Today in our session, we introduced the Decorfin relief paint (outliner) for the first time and found them really easy to use.  My only problem is that everyone wanted to use them and I only ordered 5 as a starter to try them out!   Thanks for the prompt delivery... I shall be ordering more soon... otherwise I'll get trampled in the stampede!

    Thanks again for the help and support in giving the classes a "new term" boost.

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