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Monthly Archives: March 2011

  • Spring Inspiration!

    Getting Crafty with Glass Paints

    A quick catch up from "Get Crafty" a craft group based in North London. The sun is beginning to shine and it certainly brings out the colours of the glass paints - people are getting inspired!  It's been great to see just how creative folk are beginning to get!  The vase above was painted by one of our members who a year ago had never done any glass painting, she suffers from depression and getting out of the house, picking up a brush and using the Decorfin range of paints has been really theraputic.

    I love the card designs you've posted, we are looking to do some more card making after Easter.  Thanks for all the support and inspiration - Phil

  • I'm Back

    Time to get creating !

    It has been some time since I have been on here and, I am ready to come back and create and share the many makes I make this year using some of our products.

    Plan to experiment with the Ecoline Inks - as never used in all honesty - and get back to the Glass Paints and Watercolours too, might have to use the Van Gogh Watercolours as well as the rembrandt watercolours so, I can talk about the differences of their pigments.

    I hope to see Artists or card makers, craft people in general too, who buy from us using the products and showing us your work. We would LOVE to see what you paint and create using the Royal Talens products.

    I do have a project which I have not finished and plan to finish when I can so, that I can share the canvas make I started last year. Just not had chance to get back to it and, when my Mum said my DD Ava pulled It out to show my Mum I thought to myself "I really really must get that finished!".

    Natalie x

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