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Monthly Archives: April 2011

  • Spring come Summer

    Summer Fun

    I feel like we have skipped spring and hopped straight into Summer what with the beautiful sunshine we have had for weeks now.

    Flowers have flowered and many I see are about to bloom in our garden. there is nothing quite like a pretty and colourful garden while the sun is blazing down on us.

    Our Nelson (cat) has been adventuring around our garden for a few weeks now and loving it and prods about over our beds of flowers. It makes such a difference to get outside and enjoy the sun and colour in the  and what more, the colours and textures soon inspire us to get creative in art and craft. Makes me smile ;-).

    I am beginning to get the inclination and urge to pull my brushes out along with my glass paints and watercolour paints and get going. I just do not know what to do as my next project so, going to go think what to do and jot down ideas. if you have any ideas to help me please do leave a comment with any ideas here. Thanks!

    Happy Painting and Hope you all enjoyed a lovely Easter Weekend!

    Natalie x

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