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Monthly Archives: June 2011

  • Glass Art on Canvas

    Flowers - Glass Art

    I really enjoy working on canvasses, using the Decorfin Glass Paints. It is really intriguing to see how the Glass paints turn out when used on the Royal Talens Stretched Cotton canvasses and, watching the glass paint turn from wet to dry and leaving a gorgeous smooth glazed finish.

    Below you will see I have uploaded stages of this project - Flowers as my choice of subject - and see the outlining of each flower done with Gold Relief Paint. I had drawn out each flower lightly in pencil then, went over each with the out liner and, allowed to dry overnight before pressing on with the Glass Painting.

    Once the relief paint was dry I  started to use the fuchsia (350) and yellow(200) glass paint 50ml to fill in the empty spaces of the flowers. I started off using the fuchsia and used a thick Decorfin brush to  get started but, I then used a very fine Decorfin brush, thick enough to fill around by the edges, and filled in by the edges to complete the petals. I left over night and allowed to dry before using the yellow glass paint. The next day,I then filled in the outer parts of each flower and used the Yellow glass paint. Again used a thick brush and a fine brush too so, could keep it tidy and perfect. Once filled in with the yellow I again left to dry overnight.

    (Below, you will see the soft smooth glazed finish of the Glass Paint once dry). No medium was added on top of the glass paint here as I used really thickly and just shows you do not need a decorfin glass medium to make it look this way. Glass Medium does allow for the colour to become more transparent and less concentrated while it leaves a coat on top of the colour to finish for protecting decoration, varnish!



    The images just give you an idea of how the glass paint really does become so smooth and reflective and allows you to see the glazing effect it leaves once dry and, this is without any medium put on top to give a glaze.

    If the paint goes over the out-liner please do not worry about it as you can touch up with the relief paint again once paint is dry. If it is another colour blending into another colour though, then that's a completely different matter. You really do need to watch when painting the edges and ALWAYS remember to use a very fine brush, the finest that you have.

    Glass Painting with Acrylic on Canvas

    Above, shows you the Decorfin Red Glass paint used and, to look at on first glimpse you would not know it was Glass paint but, it truly is and you see this once you see the sheen where the light hits it. Above just allows you to see the colour used within the shapes of relief paint. You can see that I lost a little control and the red glass paint went over one or two of the lines but, at the end I went back and went over that line again with relief paint to finish.

    Below,  shows you one of the flowers, all 3 flowers were painted by this point, and you can see that I have painted on little flowers for embellishing. this was to bring in some detail to each of the 3 flowers. I have used the Rembrandt Acrylic Pearle-scent paints for all these little flowers and varied placement of each little flower in different pearlescent colours; red, blue, purple, green & yellow. I used a fine brush for these but not too fine and found this therapeutic. I did the same on each of the 3 flowers. Then afterwards I filled in  the edges of the flowers using the orange glass paint and allowed to dry. Once dry I came back and tidied up any little areas that were need finishing off to meet my needs of perfection of glass painting.

    Below - From another angle.


    Below, are photos of the project not completed but, not far from it as I have paper roses to make for the centres.

    You will see that the canvas below uses the Glass Paint Yellow (200) for the outer edges of the flowers. Also, the background of the canvas here - which is really hard to capture by the capture - I used the Pearle-scent Yellow ( 818) Rembrandt Acrylic 40ml but, because of its pearlessence you can not really the colour but, when the light hits it in the room the colour shimmers away just beautifully and, sets of well alongside the glazed effect of the glass paint.

    Above, Close up of one of the flowers. You can see all the little pearlescent flowers I hand painted myself with the Rembrandt Acrylic Pearlescent paints, also you will see the fine white dots done using Opaque White Relief Paint.

    The various angles of photos of my canvas allows you to see the effect when the light is hitting it, natural light.

    I plan on developing my design ideas and turning some into actual scenes somewhere done th line. I love glass painting and seems to be quite unique what I am doing, especially on my hand-crafted cards.

    I urge those who enjoy art and craft to try these glass paints out and let us see how you get on.

    Natalie Jane x

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