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Monthly Archives: September 2011

  • Glass Art Cupcake

    "Cupcake on Canvass - Mmmm!"

     As a cupcake addict and always baking cupcakes with my daughter or on my own, I soon decided that I should take this addiction of cupcakes and produce through art and craft rather than adding on the calories myself. As I am an Artist and Cardmaker I have the skills and passion to create beautiful things I enjoy, plus I have the access to various art materials which I love to experiment with. I came up with the idea of creating a nice cupcake on canvas and decided I would use the Decorfin Glass Paints, making something more fun and for all those cupcake addicts out there.

    I started off sketching a couple of cupcakes looking at images of cupcakes from magazines, recipe books, table mats and so on.

    Below shows my sketches to give you an idea how I started off.

    I kept it simple and defined shapes to allow me to work with  Glass Paints. The simple shapes in the sketch gives it quite a modern feel, allowing it to make it easier for me to transfer this image to canvas. I used Talens Van Gogh (Artist Level) Sketching Pencils to sketch this cupcake. Below is just another cupcake sketch I intend to transfer into Glass Art.

    From here, I took the first sketch and transferred the cupcake to canvas by copying it over with my sketch graphic pencils. See below.

    I then went over the lines of the sketch with the Decorfin Relief Paint using colour Light Gold no.802. Once the firt layer was dry I went over the lines for the 2nd time to make the lines thicker, allowing more paint to used. Once dry, it looked like this below.

    Its all about pastel tones

    From here, I then chose the colours I wanted to use; Fushcia no.350, Yellow no.200, Light Brown no.401, Blue Violet n0.548, Olive Green n0.620 and White opaque no.126.  I chose to use tone down each colour to create a pastel tonal cupcake making it very girly and pretty yet, I did use the Blue Violet around the frame of the canvas and, Fushcia for the cherry as this is rather dark pink, almost close to a red used straight from the jar onto canvas. For the large areas I used a large plat cats tounge orange haired acrylic brush. You will see below a few images on different angles showing you the frosting and sponge of the cupcake.

    I made the frosting Pink and toned the shade down to lighten creating some depth. The yellow was mixed with the Opaque White to produce the sponge of the cupcake. The circles that are left white (above picture) are the sprinkles which I have painted, just this is how it looked before painted in. I added on additional sprinkles using an array of sequins and beads to give some dazzle!

    Below, you will see the cupcake with the painted sprinkles. Here I used the Blue Violet no.548 and mixed with the White Opaque to lighten. Also in this photo below you will see that I have framed the image on the canvas with a outline of relief paint, Light Gold no.802, to frame the whole design. I did this for two reasons; one, beause it frames the image itself and means that you do not have to put a frame around he canvas and two, because it acts as a slip itself that you would normally sometimes have in between the frame and the canvas to finish off. Some people prefer unframed paintings and others do not so, this was my idea of a painted frame around the outer edge of the canvas.

     I painted the cupcake case using the Light Brown no.401 and mixed with White Opaque to lighten and the strips between the brown I painted the same as the sponge colour, giving definition and depth.


    Above is the final Glass painted stretched canvas. You will see that I have created spots in the background to finish the design off, rather than keeping it plain. I did not want to leave plain as I felt it needed something to give a bit of decorativeness. I feel the cupcake really pops out now, now that the image is framed with the Blue Violet straight from the jar and, the spots being there in the background. Around the spots I painted white with the white opaque, again straight from the jar. This just adds to the glossiness of the whole design and evens it all out as a whole. I am really pleased with this Glass Art project and have more designs in mind that I am already sketching out .

    Look below for a few more pictures of this project on different angles.

    Below, a close up of the cupcake frosting. Along with the cherry on the top.


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