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Monthly Archives: February 2013

  • Watercolour Artist

    Ruth S. Harris Artwork

    I came across this exciting watercolour artist the other day and I just had to share her paintings which are full of life, it is almost as if her paintings are dancing. Ruth S.Harris composes vibrant, exciting and inspirational artworks  from flowers, animals, people, landscapes etc. and has had a few of her paintings used for greeting cards.

    Below are just a few examples of her paintings. But you can see more on here.

    Exciting Colours

    The fluidity and vibrant colours just dance away and bring such happiness to each and every painting she has composed. Her portraits are absolutely stunning, she captures the details really well and the compostions themselves are just beautiful, as well as her use of  brushwork and exciting colours.

    GORGEOUS painting of  lilys - above -, really ever so pretty and vibrant.

    The painting of the two girls on the beach just reminds me so much of summer holidays as kid in Elie, Fife, (Scotland) as we went every year and, it also reminds me of holidays in Cornwall, England (UK) too spending lots of fun times on Pol de Cove.

    Looking at this beautiful and graceful watercolour painting of Ruths' Ballerina, just makes me think of my darling daughter Ava, as she is practicing her ballet show routines. her love for dance is immense. Love the movement here in the ballerinas arms.

    Ruth Harris has many beautiful watercolour landscapes on her website and this is just one that I adore. her composition is deloightful as I just adore the windy countryside road. Gorgeous hues of colours too. Makes me realsie just how much I miss painting landscapes myself - I can remember sketching and painting away to my hearts content when a teenager and going out onto location to compose. The countryside is a good place for inspiration and for colour too.

  • Morning....

    Painting with a Pallet Knife

    Goodmorning artists and crafters! The sun is out shining brightly and I am just grabbing a cuppa before I begin my day of putting orders together and, hoping I might get the chance to pick up my palette knife again and add some more rainbow of colours to my painting I am working on.

    I always lok forward to a Friday being as I am not toing and froing my youngest to her two different nurseries, as she goes to Nursery for a full day and today our DD is off to the Woods for a walk. So, as I have the full day to focus on my work I really enjoy being able to focus that much more on my work and just being able to have the opportunity to create if and when it blessed to me.

    Later, I plan to bake for our Home Bible Fellowship (HBF) as we run a bible fellowship from our home so look forward to that time of therapy. But in the meantime, as the sun shines beautifully on this remarkable sunshiney day it is time to package up orders and enjoy playing with my Amsterdam acrylic paints.

    Happy Painting & Crafting

    Natalie x x x

  • Older Paintings

    My Own Artwork

    I have been attempting to upload photos of a canvas I am working on at the minute but, for some bizarre reason it will not do anything for me. Anyway, whilst I have been trying to locate some photos I found a few old paintings of mine I composed a number of years ago and, sold, at the Pittenweem Arts Festival one year. I always find it a pleasure to stumble upon my older paintings and trying hard to remember actually painting them. Her is a few below,

    Watercolour Painting of Bass Rock, East Neuk of Fife

    Watercolour painting , Stargazer Lily

    Acrylic painting, Pittenweem Pier

    A variety of my own paintings in our old shop, Pittenweem (Fife0

    The top two paintings are composed with Rembrandt Watercolours. As you can see they are rich and vivid in colour. Simple paintings but nice and loose and it is really nice to remember that I produced these some years ago. The 3rd painting is an acrylic painting, I used the Amsterdam range of acrylics and also used the rembrandt Pearlescent acylics too. I just adore the pearly effect once dry with the light hitting off the canvas of artwork. The last photo was taken in our old shop showing an array of my paintings on the wall and sat upon the radiator too. Lovely to see these photos again and going back down memory lane. This all happened because this art shop is where I met Paul Wallace (my husband).

  • Jolomo

    John Lowrie Morrison

    The Scottish Artist John Lowrie Morrison, aka Jolomo,  featured on Songs of Praise most recently and he was being interviewed on his paintings and his faith as a Christian. John is a very inspirational artist today and, he exhibits at the Pittenweem Arts Festival every year in August. My husband and i watched this episode ad really enjoyed listening to what he had to say about his life as a Christian and how he uses his Christianity in his everyday life as well as his painting. Have a watch and enjoy. really very encouraging and you get to see him painting as he is being interviewed. Below are examples of his amazing paintings, one beinga  church! LOVE his use of colour and paint application to the canvas. Jolomo is an inspiration.

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