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Monthly Archives: May 2013

  • Ladybanks Artist on the Platform

    Fife Artist - Kirsty Lorenz

    Recently, we had a family afternoon trip out visiting artists open studios work We were unable to pop in to all 86 venues but, on returning home and going through the open Studios North Fife brochure I found myself researching on some of the artists to find that one of the artists venues, we were very near to while walking around the beautiful village of Ladybank. Kirsty Lorenz is an artist who is extremel well known for her stunning flower paintings and she has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad. Kirsty Lorenz is based in Ladybank where she renovated the old Victorian Railway Station and made it her studio and runs art classes and workshops from there too. Fresh and delightful that the studio is - to look at that is - seems to be just the perfect setting to have peace to paint away happily.


    kirsty lorenz website

    Kirsty paints the most amazing oil paintings of foxgloves, dahlias to daisy chains and has an ongoing project (Daisy Chains). Her project is ongoing and each and every painting is magnificent in the of her use of colour and depth and, also how she captures each flower in such magnificent detail. All of Kirstys' masterpieces are made into greeting cards and tea towels also, so there is the odd gift too which have her designs on them.

    After reading all about the artist and browsing through all her beautiful paintings on her website I became somewhat annoyed that we missed that chance to view her work in her studio but, at least I know the artists' studio is only a 10 minute drive away for any further exhibitions that she may hold in the near future.

    kirsty lorenz 6 studio

    The Daisy Chain

    Kirstys' long lasting project of the Daisy Chain began from when she had her baby daughter and had seen her making a daisy chain out in their back garden, just like the artist did herself in her childhood, and Kirsty thought to herself how lovely the daisy would a beautiful painting and from there she has produced the most stunning and unique daisy chain paintings - something I have never seen before - and you can see how much hard work has gone in to each and every painting as Kirsty has captured the true essence of the daisy through her use of colour, depth and detail.  You can See just beautiful her paintings are as seen below. Very unique and most inspirational. I keep looking at these wonderful paintings and just keep wanting to go and pick up my brushes and watercolours and get painting myself and having a play around with colour and flowers myself. Love how she has her own space and, what with us planning on taking business back to where we started in Pittenweem and, no longer work from home makes me even more excited for that move to happen as I know we can do something similar but not on such a huge scale as Kirsty. Longing to get painting and allow the feelings deep within me be poured out onto blank canvasses and talk to art lovers.

    kirsty lorenz 3

    kirsty lorenz

    kirsty lorenz 4

    I hope this artists' work inspires you & draws you to pick up your brushes and paints.

    Happy Painting


    God Bless

  • Getting Organised

    Tidy Up and Organise!

    As an artist and crafter I am always creating mess in my small craft space/studio. I do not like mess but, somehow manage to create a lot of it while I craft to my hearts content, handcrafting my own cards or painting onto canvasses with a spread of a rainbow of acrylic paint tubes. So the other week I made a very good start on getting tidied up and becoming more organised in my space to allow me to be drawn into my craft space again so I can get creative again. I think when we see mess in front of us, our minds are messed up because of all the mess we see in front of us. So, as much of a chore as iy can be tidying up and organising our things I decided it was time for me to actually do this myself for I know I will want to get creative using my skills.

    I am really hoping that I can get back in to my space today and organise more of my studio space as Thursdays my husband and two kids go out for a few hours and I like to call this Natalie Time. A time where I can be creative if I feel up to it or just relax reading and enjoying a pot of tea. But, in my head I want to start using some of this precious time to be creative and really draw myself back to painting, something I always found to relax me and release any troubles deep within me. So here is hoping that this afternoon I can do some more tidying up. I know I will feel better once it is all done and seeing it all spick and span and crystal clean will make me want to be in there all the time. Let us see if that really happens.

    Happy painting and Crfating x

  • Bank Holiday

    An Art Afternoon Out

    I hope that everyone had a wonderful blessed Bank Holiday weekend just passed and, got out to enjoy the sunny weather whoever had it. We were out all weekend and had a busy bank holiday weekend. We have not had it warm like it has been down South of 24 degrees but, yesterday it was a treat as it was 18 degrees and lovely to be able to soak up the sun whilst enjoying time the kids.

    On Monday we took ourselves out for the afternoon to the North Fife Open Studios and ventured into the world of art and crafts, which is what my husband and I have a huge passion for - just hardly get the opportunity to get out and view other artists creations.  The joy of the Open Studios is that the artists, designers and craftsmen open up their homes, or other peoples homes, and exhibit their own work for all to view and purchase. there are 90 people now exhibiting during the Open Studios and it runs over the first weekend in May from the Friday til Monday. To read about the Open Studios North Fife you can get all the information you need on the following link

    My husband and I felt very much at "home" walking around the artists homes looking at all their wonderful paintings, woodwork, metalwork, textile work and paintings. I think our kids were surprised at how much they enjoyed themselves too but, when free food is involved they are hardly not going to complain.  The feeling of walking in to an artists home and viewing their work was just homely, comforting, a world of happiness being in our bubble of art and the fact that as husband and wife we got to truly enjoy something we both love and have the same passion for "ART". Drinking cups of tea and eating mini muffins while chatting with the artists was a great delight. getting to know the artist is just as much a joy than it is viewing their work and, just being able to talk "Art" was beautiful with other like minded people.

    We met the lovely John Bonington who specifies in sculpture but, also paints in watercolours and is a photographer too. Lovely friendly man he is and his paintings are amazing. Such great attention to detail in his brushwork and his scenes are just beautiful too. We came away with two free printed cards of his due to giving him some Cobra Oil Samples. You can read about John Bonington and view his beautiful paintings and sculptures on the following link;

    Hand Crafted

    We then met the really lovely Aileen Clarke who does needle-felting creating an array of textile pieces and frames, adds on top of sketchbooks, made into jewellery and gift boxes and has her textile work printed onto mugs and notebooks and greeting cards. I got to really enjoy a chat with her as she was very much on my wavelength with crafts. Her stunning textile creations can be viewed on the following Some of her work is shown below. I simply love how she has incorporated her needle-felting into her jewellery.

    aileen clarke

    Then lastly we visited a traditional blacksmith Jim Shears whom designs beautiful metalwork which is all designed and handcrafted by himself. he creates products for your home and garden from gates, railings, fire guards, planters, candelabra, bedsteads and more. We had a metal sign made for hanging outside our shop in Pittenweem where we had our shop name hanging from it. Beautiful unique work.

    As we were at this venue we stumbled upon another designer. This time a furniture maker who creates his furniture out of wood and metal where he creates stunning clocks, mirrors, turned ware, furniture and sculptural forms with glass-work within some of his designs. Leo Norris designs and handcrafts his own work from scratch and any little bits of wood he has left he makes sure he uses it and creates somehow to give as a gift. We bought some gorgeous garden wood labels to write on what vegetables we have growing in our vegetable patch.  You can find Leo Norris work on the following link and read all about him as well as viewing his amazing work.

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