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Monthly Archives: September 2013

  • Artists

    Feeling Inspired at the Pittenweem Arts Festival

    The following artists have been inspiring me lately and I have been enjoying looking at their paintings and reading up about each artist.

    Anne Dunlop exhibited in the Pittenweem Arts Festival this year and ,below is just one of her paintings I have fallen in love with. This is a painting of somewhere in St.Andrews with lots of wild flowers produced in a lovely impressionistic way. I love her use of colour and style here and how she has made the flowers to be the focus of her painting.

    anne dunlop

    Another artist who has inspired me from the Arts festival is Linda Paton, whome we chatted with during the Pittenweem Arts Festival. Lovely lady and I have to admit it is always nice to be able to talk with the Artist and learn about their work through them and share your love as a painter with like minded people. Below is one of Linda Patons paintings which truly captured my eye for the composition and style of her painting. This is of St.Andrews from a beach view.

    linda paton

  • Painting in Progress

    "Painting In Progress"

    I started this new painting a couple of weeks ago while at home. I brought the canvas over to work so that I could work on it on my creative day. I have created this from imagination and have been really enjoying painting this. Again I have been using the Amsterdam acrylic paints but this time have managed to avoid using the beautiful Rembrandt Pearlescent acrylic paints (an obsession I have with these paints). I have to admit though my painting has not gone to how I planned it to look but, I am happy with it and have enjoyed creating the foreground of the foxgloves - an impression of them anyway. A palette knife was used for the foxgloves and i splattered on the white highlights from it too., but in a delicate way. I am not sure though wheteher to add in some more of these or not but I think what with my poppies it might be ok. If I go on I may overpaint them, which can be easily done.

    I then somehow found myself beginning to paint a small portion of the sea in the horizon, making it look as if thne tide is coming in; this I am delighted with as I enjoyed painting this with a Rembrandt oil/acrylic brush and just being able to feel the smoothness of the paint and seeing the blue and while blend nicely was very therapeutic. It took time to paint but, feel I have captured the sea well here.  I think it is great that you do not have to restrict yourself to using the one material to paint on with and being able to use different tools to capture different textures. The one part I am not totally happy with is my boat. This I am going to fix as it sticks out like a sore thumb and just does not work with the rest of the painting. I am thinking of possibly going over the horizontal blue line with a more prominent and dark blue and, move the base of the boat up. I welcome your ideas and advice on this if you have any? And do you think I should add more foxgloves in or not?

    20130917_124351 20130917_125723 20130917_145838 20130917_145708 20130917_150114

    Above from Left; Studio, Close up of foxgloves, Close up of the foreground, painting on easel

    Below; my Amsterdam acrylic paints and my set up in studio


  • Fantasy Art

    Natasha Wescoat colourful horse


    Just stumbled upon this beautiful colourful rainbow horse over on FaceBook. I simply love the design of this painting and the wonderful use of colours.

    This has been been painted by a Fantasy Artist called Natasha Wescoat Other paintings of hers can be found on her Facebook page I have fallen in love with this artists work. Very unique and so different and what a talent to have. Painting below by Natasha is a painting inspired by the film UP. Delightful and quite whimsical looking with beautiful use of colour.

    fantasty artist

    fantasy artist 2

 !gallery/cdet visit her website where you can see a gallery of her work as well as shopping on her website. One not to be missed.


  • Seascape Paintings

    I do like the searachel mia allen

    I was just going through the News feed on Facebook and found these two beauties. Above a wonderful dazzling seascape by Rachel Mia Allen. Rachel paints with oil inks, oil paint & oil pastels on card and, creates paintings that glow with light, colour, continuing delight and a great sense of space. If you get chance visit her Facebook page and you can view her other paintings on the folloowing

    Below, this tranquil seascape/landscape by John Connolly. Amanda paints in oil and focuses her keen interest on rugged terrain and continually changing light, painting skies and landscapes paying particular attention to detail of light, particularly when it falls on open water. Rarely will you see people in his paintings as John likes to impress a sense of remoteness on the viewer. Have a look at

    new painting

  • Landscape

    Landscape in Acrylic

    Recently I have started this new painting. This is a work in progress where  I am trying to be more expressive - but proving difficult as I am a painter of detail but, hopefully as time goes on working on it I will find my hand loosening up that bit more.

    new painting landscape

    I love painting landscapes, seascapes and flowers and, thought it would be lovely to experiment a little by being slightly different with my approach however, it is not as easy as I thought it would be to be different in my style of painting. But sometimes it is fun experimenting and trying something new.  I started by painting the sand of a beach but, I am not completely happy with it then, moved on to painting the sky using the Amsterdam acrylic colours; turquoise blue  no.522 and sky blue light no.551 with titanium white no.105 and a little Naples yellow deep no.223 - some of which is mixed in with a little gel medium glossy to add a little bit of texture. I dripped the acrylic paint on from the top of the canvas then went over it with a palette knife creating textures and lovely smooth and sharp shapes. On the beach itself I seem to have created an interesting horizontal line so will try and work with that within the painting itself - just not entirely sure what to do with it. I would like to create expressive flowers in the foreground to add depth to my painting and texture too.

    new painting landscape 2

    Feeling very inspired by the artist Amanda Hoskin. An example of her work is shown below, just indicates how much of an expressive feeling she has created in her foreground of flowers. which is what I would like to achieve but, not entirely sure that I will. Keep watching for the finished painting to be uploaded.


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