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A Little Update

A Little Update

We are very lucky to be able to work in such a picturesque fishing village and, be able to pop out for a short walk during our work hours as and when we like. We are very thankful for these opportunities to be able to as we walk back into our work station feeling refreshed and feeling enthusiastic again to get back to business. My wonderful husband spent the night there last night, just to have some time to refresh himself and enjoy reading his Bible (we are both Christians and have God at the centre of our life for we live to glorify him in all that we do). I was able to do the same on Monday and come Tuesday I got to play with my mountain of Amsterdam Paints, palette knives and got creative on canvas.

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You can see from the photos attached just how picturesque and relaxing Pittenweem is. We are based down on the harbour front so, we get the joy of hearing the hustling and bustling of the fisherman getting on cleaning up after they have shipped in from a nights out at sea fishing for crabs, prawns etc and much to our delight the fishy smell. We get to see the huge amounts of crates of fish being hoiked up into vans for taking away to the fish shops too. Have to admit, even though I am not a huge fish lover - eating them that is of course - I really enjoy the process of it all and watching the fishing boats come in and working away. Our two children - aged 8 and 5 - enjoy chatting away with the Captain and all the fisherman when we are over at weekends staying. They just love the venture through there on the coast and getting to know people and ask whats going on and what they are fishing for. Really cute actually.

Be Inspired

You will see just how inspirational the scenery is on the coast here, for Paul and I as artists. We met in 2004 and we use to love throwing all our paint supplies into his van with canvasses and enjoying many a evening painting the beauty of the coast. I remember one night especially, where we went round to the other side of the harbour and I sat and watched my Paul being really expressive with his painting and, it was so much fun to watch him as his whole body went into his painting. It was a joy to watch him. As we did not have a telly at the time, we were always out painting together when not working. We plan to do the same again but this time round it will be in the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays of every second week. We truly need to get back into our painting again and start on this new work venture we have in mind to allow us to try and get out there and sell sell sell our paintings. What we love best is to paint is the coastal scenery along on the East Neuk of Fife.

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