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Artist & Illustrator Kim Anderson

Kim Anderson Artist & Illustrator

We are working at home today and I came into the office after dropping our kids off to school, unsure what to do. I logged onto facebook and went through the news feed and, found something very unique and breathtaking that i just had to share. I will admit this, I have fallen in love! with this artist & illustrator.


Spontaneous Designs With A Wide rage of Art Materials

Kim Anderson creates spontaneous designs using paint, pen, ink (Dr.Ph Martin Radiant Inks) and paper collage work to create her Family Trees and collages - where she uses various patterned and textured papers. Her artwork is designed and used for greeting cards, publishers and wrapping paper, and also for wall art in the UK, Europe and the USA.

Kim is recognised for her excellent use of paint, pen, ink and paper collage work contributing to many of her beautiful ranges including, Crème & Noir, Papillon and Mimi.

Kim Anderson 4

Kims success commercially has naturally followed on from her inspirational artwork and led to several collaborations with high profile companies as well as running her successful online Etsy shop. The artist lives and works from home in Kent and has her own beautiful studio where she creates her beautiful designs.

kim anderson 8

Kim Anderson 2

Kim Anderson is in high demand for her family trees and is always being commissioned for these (above is just one example of many).

kim anderson 5

Not only does the artist & illustrator create stunning trees but she paints hearts as well which prove to be a hit with newlyweds. How gorgeous a gift that would be to receive as a wedding gift, framed too!

Kim Anderson 3

Examples of Kim Andersons greeting cards as shown above. These cards are just beautiful and you would certainly know cards if you walked stumbled upon them, as Kim has her very own signature and it is noticable straight away.

kim anderson 7

Kim has had some of her designs created into cross stitch patterns as well as her greeting cards and collage work. Now that I have seen this I would love to purchase one of her cross stitch designs and create, could see this being made into a cushion with very pretty floral fabric on the other side.

Kim Anderson 1

Above just shows an example of Kims' collage work, I can just see this in a box frame hung on a wall.

kim anderson 6

I simply love this teacup with little butterflies fluttering out the teacup and lots of pretty tiny flowers adorning the teacup also. This is called "Flower Burst". Absolutely delightful and the colours are gorgeous. This would be perfect for on the walls of a bakery or cafe.

Below is just showing you an example of Kim Anderson's collage work where she uses an array of pretty patterned papers creating her illustrations. I think these owls are just really twoo twoo cute!

kim anderson 9

Her inspiration is found from all around her in daily life but is also inspired by magazines and well known artists Elizabeth Blackadder, Picasso and the Bloomsbury Group. You can see more of her designs and creations on either her facebook pageor her website. Amazing artist & illustrator.

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