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Feeling Inspired at the Pittenweem Arts Festival

The following artists have been inspiring me lately and I have been enjoying looking at their paintings and reading up about each artist.

Anne Dunlop exhibited in the Pittenweem Arts Festival this year and ,below is just one of her paintings I have fallen in love with. This is a painting of somewhere in St.Andrews with lots of wild flowers produced in a lovely impressionistic way. I love her use of colour and style here and how she has made the flowers to be the focus of her painting.

anne dunlop

Another artist who has inspired me from the Arts festival is Linda Paton, whome we chatted with during the Pittenweem Arts Festival. Lovely lady and I have to admit it is always nice to be able to talk with the Artist and learn about their work through them and share your love as a painter with like minded people. Below is one of Linda Patons paintings which truly captured my eye for the composition and style of her painting. This is of St.Andrews from a beach view.

linda paton

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