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Artist's Profile: Nicola Blakemore

This month’s Artist Profile is Nicola Blakemore

Originally trained as a graphic artist, Nicola has had a varied career working in public relations, the media and the travel industry. She returned to her artistic roots, becoming involved in interior design, specialised painting techniques and mural work both at home in the UK and internationally. Now living in the Languedoc region of Southern France, Nicola’s work has featured in Country Living magazine, BBC Radio 4 and Central TV. We’re going to hear from Nicola about how she works in the following interview.


What kind of art do you produce and how/ when did you start to get involved with this?

 Personally I love painting still lifes, but I also paint commissions, and have produced portraits, people, pets and houses. I create murals and also teach at college level, with students with special needs and with private groups on painting holidays.

What medium do you normally work in, and why?

I work in all media but I’m exploring more with the potential of watercolour, which is what I’m teaching at the moment.

Art education background (if any):

A-level art at school.

Gallery/ Professional Affiliations (if any):

I have exhibited in both the UK and France.

Is there any kind of medium/ art techniques that you would like to explore in your future work?

I want to get back into oils. I’m also going to use the new Cobra range, which are water-based oil paints. My friend Libby Page loves them.

What subject matters are you normally drawn towards?

I’m a big fan of colour, so anything colourful which can evoke a mood or a feeling.



If affiliated to Gallery/ art collective/ art club, how did you get involved with this?

I am not affiliated to any galleries or collectives at the moment.

If from other type of background (i.e. no formal art education) what were the reasons for not pursuing this route and how do you feel this has influenced your art?

I am a self taught artist.

Who are your inspirations in the art world?

I love the vivid colours used by Shirley Trevena and many of the great masters and the Dutch still life painters.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Anywhere and everywhere!

What kind of studio/ gallery space do you work in?

A spare room.

What advice would you give to people who want to get involved in art?

Just do it. Give yourself permission to ‘play’ and don’t have too high expectations. You can find a friendly group or even learn via the internet, which is where I do some teaching. There is a saying that you should ‘know what you are good at and stick to it.’ I say, ‘discover what you might be even better at and go for it.’


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