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Canvas Craftwork with Watercolor Painting


I felt it was time to give myself a project using one of the Dutch art materials that we sell on our website. I decided to base the theme of my project on "Wings!" anything with Wings is to be used in this project of mine and I want to create a canvas craft-work. So, I have used the Rembrandt Watercolour Paints 5ml tubes and used them to paint in this stamped image, which was given to me by a dear friend, Sarah Louise (aka tiggertastic on CB Forum).

I have then painted it in starting off with using the tubes of colours chosen very pale. To start with a pale colour you need to get plenty water on the brush but, not too much so that the colour stays within the image. Always have a jar of water by your side with a good sized brush head, make sure it's a watercolour brush as well. You need only a small amount of colour and apply to the part of the image you wish that colour to be, see below!

Gradually getting darker and richer in colour by using less water 

Below is a picture with the finished painting 

The next stage of the project on WINGS is adhering the patterned paper to the canvas. Basically all you do is put Double Sided tape down on ALL the edges and sides of the top canvas and the middle of it, forming a cross, and place your canvas face up to you and lay your paper on top and then turn over to firmly adhere. The rest of it, it is jut like wrapping up a present. (Cut at corners where necessary).

Above - with DS Tape


With the patterned paper adhered on top and below, like wrapping a present, to finish.Below, the finishing of patterned paper adhered. Next, shows where I have got to at the moment with my "WINGS" project just now. I have adhered on two other patterned papers to mount the Fairy and Bird I have painted and attached on some ribbon across the canvas. Finishing around the white card with the Fairy I have added on a white sticky backed gem to finish this area.

Below, a close up of the painted image.

And another close up on another view.

Keep your eyes open for the rest of this project. I have this uploaded on the Crafts Beautiful Forum  where I have had many generous comments on this project  so far!



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