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Cardmaking - Little Girl in Garden

 "Little Girl in Garden Glass Painted Card"


 The more that I experiment and play around with the Decorfin Glass Paints, I find my creativeness is strengthening. I also find that new concepts appear in my card-making making my cards more unique.

This card was created using a template from the ? issue of Crafts Beautiful in a feature done by Kirsty Wiseman, designed by herself. I do not usually use other peoples designs as can draw myself and design myself but, having been working with Glass Paints I have found that using templates from anywhere have been a good starting point. I have found it useful using the FREE templates that appear in craft magaiznes, as some are rather simplified shapes and easy to use with glass paints amongst acrylic paints and even oil and gouache paints too.

It is limitless the use of applications you can use in card-making and papercrafts. So, various craft supplies can be used when you think about it. Sorry to babble on but, I am opening up new doors to not only myself but, really to all you crafters, artists and anyone else out there interested.

I will continue on! Having taken this template of Kirsty Wisemans I have glass painted onto acetate where I drew the outline of the little girl with relief paint and, cut out. I made my own aperture and placed the girl centrally over the aperture. I then embellished with glass painted flowers and paper roses and, have stitched on a few flower sequins with white seed beads.

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