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Cardmaking with Glass painted Toppers

Blue, Green & White

 I made this Blue, Green and White Flower card just last week using a design that I have used before. I glass painted the flower and used the paint thickly. As I was drawing the flower topper out with the relief paint I drew small circles within the middle of the Flower Topper. I feel after adhering to the card that these little circles add dimension, depth and a great interest to the card. I used the White (100) & Silver (800) Relief paint and, used glass paints: Turquoise Blue (522) and Olive Green and White Opaque (126). These two first colours I mixed with the White Opaque to make fresh soft pastel colours to fit in with papers chosen. I have created layers with the papers and used card also to frame Finished off with a paper rose in the centre of the Glass Painted topper and decorated the inside too.

 Looking at this finished card you can see that this Glass paint could  be Acryilc Paints mixed with acrylic mediums, say the  Acrylic medium Glossy. So you could physically create the same topper with acrylic paints using acrylic brushes.  This just goes to show that you can actually use artists materials within cardmaking making it unique and very personal, something the receiver would definitely appreciate.



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