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Birthday Cardmaking

"Birthday Celebrations"

Experimenting with the Decorfin Glass paints is something that I really enjoy doing just now and trying new surfaces is quite daunting to begin with. however, you really do amaze yourself with spectacular results. I am not one to show off my work but, this handcrafted creation of mine  I really enjoyed producing with the craft materials we sell on our website.

Having been using acetate all the time with Glass paints I have applied to card instead. Using glass paints on card is actually not so time consuming as it dries up a lot quicker, almost instantly to be honest. as the card absorbs the colour immediately (leaving a mark on the underside).

Here I have made a flower topper and drawn the flower shape out with pencil using a template. Then went over with the relief paint Light Gold (802). I did this on the base of the card and also on the separate flower which sits on top of the base flower adhered with foam squares to give dimension. Once dry I painted after mixing white opaque (126) with both the fuschia (350) and Olive green (620) glass paints and applied to the card. I  added on a embossed paper flower to the centre of the topper. I then took the Light Gold Relief Paint and went over the raised parts to really lift out this paper flower. I think its maybe this that really allows it all to POP out from the card itself.

In the above and below images you will see that I had cut one of the Flower's and raised, mentioned previously. This idea against the white background allows  the flower topper to POP out. Again, you could actually use acrylic paints with acrylic brushes which would gain you the same results as the glass paints. You can use the Decorfin relief paint light Gold with the acrylic paint or you could use Light Gold acrylic paint instead as an alternative.  this is if you wish to use artists paints and not craft materials.

I finished this birthday Celebration Wall hanging off with my very own sentiment adhered to patterned paper and put down each side of the flower. then decorated the back to suit the front giving it that extra touch.

 Above and below shows you the back of thewall hanging. Decorated with layering patterned papers and card and paper flowers and, gems. I have also used the embossed paper flowers again and gone over the raised parts with the light Gold Relief paint.

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