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Getting Creative with Glass Paints

"Winging My Way In"

 Time really does pass so quickly......! It was only Friday yesterday it seems like  and, now it is already the beginning of another week. I truly wish we had MORE time in the day, we would get more crafting and painting done.

Anyway, I shall not babble on! I made up a few butterflies last week and got them painted in with my Decorfin Glass paints allowing to dry for 24hours so, I was able to use on Friday. Well I did not get round to making lots of creations but, got this card made using a couple of my butterfly toppers. I used Olive Green (620) and White Opaque (126) with Bronze Relief Paint. I then put it together with a lovely little Girl image with dog from a company called Lily of the Valley. I am in love with the die cut images there. This image I just felt worked particulary well with the butterflies I have used here and gives it a rather nostalgic and vintage feeling. I framed with lots of pretty paper roses - something I can not do without in my crafting - and used a few ribbons also just to give it that little extra touch. Then used some little silver gems on the butterfly to decorate. I finished with decorating the inside and kept simple.

The Olive Green (620)Butterfly was done by mixing the white opaque (126) with the Olive green to give it a more softer feel and blend in with the use of papers I chose. Mixing the glass paints is one aspect I am really enjoying at the minute rather than straight from the jar as I get to play around a lot more and you get some really pretty colours when mixed - I for one love my pastel colours - and you see the true colour once mixed up with the white opaque. When mixing you can use any brush ie: decorfin brushes, acrylic brushes & watercolour brushes but, you MUST clean with  with either warm soapy water or turpentine. It is also more fun to experiment with the colours rather than paint from the jar immediately. The colours come out really rich and pure painted straight from the jar. Because I paint thickly and not as they should be used - transparently - I find the darker colours (blues, greens, purples) you can not tell what each colour is so, mixing when painting thickly is a recommendation. There is more beauty and joy to the paints like I say previously when blending with the white.

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