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Cardmakng with Glass Paints

"Friendship - Wall-hanging"

The above card is very simple. I made my own flower embellishments using the Decorfin Glass Paints. On the Pink one, where I mixed the pink paint with White Opaque, I added some glitter while the glass paint was wet enabling to adhere to the paint once dry. I feel it just gives that extra touch and, a little bit of sparkle is always much needed I think.

Above, shows a close up of the flowers made with Glass Paints and Relief Paint. I adhered onto each one a paper rose and a shell like flat bead to keep the beachy feeling. You can see the sparkle of the glitter here also shimmering away.

Other pictures can be seen below.

Below here shows the Message Side, on the other side which I decorated also to finish off.

One thought on “Cardmakng with Glass Paints”

  • sian66

    I love the glass painted flowers, i have done glass painting for cards but have found them tacky even after leaving for 7 days and have to cover with another layer of acatate. What were the paints you used and would they be solid enough not to stick to paper if sent in the post for example?

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