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  • Tuts+ Workshop: Alphabet Design Challenge | Vectortuts+

    Vector Letters

    Here is something neat I thought some of you might be interested in.  Its a Challenge to make your own font "Letter".  Not a complete font set but just the letter.  For example (like on sesame street) the letter "D" is for Dog. You would then somehow and artistically come up with a Letter "D" design that represents a dog.

    Here is the example that was given in the example of the challenge.  "B" is for Bones.  and someone came up with this font:

    Take a look at the challenge and enter if your interested.  It would be great if someone from the IartSupplies community won!

  • Lets make Cards Challenge



    A 'MASCULINE' card using glass paints...

    For this new challenge we have chosen the theme "MASCULINE". What you need to do is to make a card marketed towards the Male.

    To help you on your way we would like you to choose any Ancient Design for this. If your not sure what we mean just do a google or yahoo images search. Of course you can design your own, as long as it is of this 'Celtic' style .

    Below is an example of a wedding card I have recently done. I suppose it is not strictly male, but it does have a male slant to it.

    I  transferred the design by tracing over it with silver Decorfin Relief Paint, and then thickly applied the glass paintafter the relief paint had dried. When painted thickly it dries with  stunningly smooth shiny surface and is just divine - I love it! I had to be careful though not to go over the outlined gutta out-liner paint ( relief paint). If you do you can just get some white spirit or ox gall and a paper towel or a cotton bud to clean up your mess. I had to do this quite a bit as I can be quite clumsy at times...

    Finally if you haven't used these before don't forget to do this in a well ventilated area as these paints are solvent based.

    If you need any more tips, just look at our tips section or just have a look around on the Internet. I you find any good ones or think of any let us know! Its all about sharing...

     I just kept my card simple and used a standard blank card. You can use on its own or incorporate patterned papers to fit with your design chosen. You can use one or two designs together if you wish. It is completely up to you. You can add your own sentiment for any occasion and use any other materials if you wish. If you find you need some craft paints or canvasses that we sell on iartsupplies you can get 15% off for this challenge, just enter this code 'DECORFIN' (in capitals) at the bottom of the checkout page.

    The challenge is all about the Glass Painting and we are looking for results of the glass painted topper, Layout,  as well as colour used to suit the masculinity and use of Ancient Design.

    This MASCULINE Challenge closed Friday 13th August at 9pm.

    Sadly we only had one entry and have extended the entry date to October 31st.

     The winners will be announced shortly after that, along with the coupon codes for the prizes on You can enter as many as you wish!

    1st Prize £200 Coupon Won by Michelle (WELL DONE!)

    2nd Prize £100 Coupon - 3rd Prize £50 Coupon

    To enter just register on this blog and upload your makes to the 'Masculine Entries' category.

    Below shows the card I have recently made for a Wedding taking place in Ireland, made to order.

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