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Christmas cards 2012

Prelim Sketches & Watercolour Painting

As well as an artist I  am a very keen cardmaker too and, simply adore handcrafting my own cards whether it is making up a decoupage image, using die cuts, stamping out pretty images and painting them in using my Rembrandt watercolours. I have always filled a card blank made them rather busy using an array or paper 3d flowers, sticky gems and more. But recently towards the end of the summer months I decided to simplify my handcrafted cards and use less and start to use my watercolour paints a lot more because I want to be able to create using what I love, Watercolour paints.

I am in two minds with my handcarfted christmas cards this year, as I tend to try and make what I can to post out to family and friends. I want to stamp christmas images and paint with my watercolour paints and frame with a simple piece of patterned paper to lift the image out from the card but, I want to try and create a very simple christmas card where I have a simple sketch using a lovely christmas image - Holly leaves & berries in this case for this years cards - and simply sketch the design out onto card and paint. So, below is my first sample of what i am aiming for but, it needs a bit of working on and need to try and get the sizing of the holly leaves right to fit just perfectly onto the 14.4x14.4cm square blank card.

Two above are my second attempt and looking more clean cut and professional.

Above is my first attempt.

Shall keep working on it and hopefully have lots to adhere onto my card blanks to post out soon.

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