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Decorfin Glass Paints

Hints and Tips, examples of ours and your work. Ideas and discussion!
  • Cardmaking with Glass painting (birthday wishes)

     Butterfly Happy Birthday Card

    This card I have made was more of an experiment than anything else. I wanted to make an aperture and have my glass painted butterfly topper overlaying the aperture in some way. I created the Butterfly topper using colours 350 Fuschia and 126 White Opaque, each colour used on a different size of butterfly. I used Gold Relief paint as the outline of the topper. I painted the toper with the glass paint thickly, straight from the jar. As you can see the glass paint colours are extremely rich and pure.

     I worked the butterfly with some yummy delicate papermania red hot papers and created an aperture allowing to see the patterned papers on the inside of the card, giving more interest. I overlay the butterfly on the layered rectangle sitting over the aperture creating the effect of the glass painted butterfly, as if about to flutter off the card. I used lots of pretty paper flowers and a couple of die cut sentiments also and decorated the inside. You could also, though, use acrylic paints to create this butterfly if you would like or any other painting medium.

  • Glass Painting Stampede!

    Glass Painting Groups

    Well it was meant to be a gentle start back to a new term of our glass painting classes but our new glass paints are proving very popular and word has spread!  The aim was to use up the last of the supplies of our old glass paints but now that folk have seen the quality of the Decorfin range, they don't want to use the old stuff!  The range of colours and the finish compared to our old supplies really does make a difference.  We are also discovering that a little goes a long way!

    Our craft class really is a mixed bunch - from over 60's (indeed some over 90's!), some guys from a hostel next door and local folk, like Rolanda in the picture above, a local mum who just wanted something to do and who has proved to be quite an expert!  Today in our session, we introduced the Decorfin relief paint (outliner) for the first time and found them really easy to use.  My only problem is that everyone wanted to use them and I only ordered 5 as a starter to try them out!   Thanks for the prompt delivery... I shall be ordering more soon... otherwise I'll get trampled in the stampede!

    Thanks again for the help and support in giving the classes a "new term" boost.

  • Get Crafty!

    Loving these Glass Paints

    Greetings - just a quick note to say how much we are enjoying using the Decorfin Glass paints from you guys at iartsupplies!  I run a craft group (called Get Crafty) that runs each week at the Salvation Army in Kilburn (NW London).  It started with what was meant to be a four week glass painting taster over the Summer holidays back in 2005.  Here we are 5 years later, with a group of 23, still going strong!

    We used to have a regular supplier for our glass paints but with the recession the company folded and we struggled to find a good, reliable supplier... that was until the daughter of one of our members put me onto iartsupplies.  We started using our new paints just two weeks ago and they have proved to be a big hit - the richness and depth of the colours on the glass is excellent.

    None of our members have any previous experience of glass painting but over the years the quality of the work produced has been fantastic and a great boost to self-confidence!  The picture above is from an exhibition we put on a few years ago.  We are just starting on some Christmas projects... anyone out there got some good ideas for us to try out?

  • Cardmaking - Little Girl in Garden

     "Little Girl in Garden Glass Painted Card"


     The more that I experiment and play around with the Decorfin Glass Paints, I find my creativeness is strengthening. I also find that new concepts appear in my card-making making my cards more unique.

    This card was created using a template from the ? issue of Crafts Beautiful in a feature done by Kirsty Wiseman, designed by herself. I do not usually use other peoples designs as can draw myself and design myself but, having been working with Glass Paints I have found that using templates from anywhere have been a good starting point. I have found it useful using the FREE templates that appear in craft magaiznes, as some are rather simplified shapes and easy to use with glass paints amongst acrylic paints and even oil and gouache paints too.

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  • Cardmaking With Glass Paints -Thankyou Butterfly

    "Thank you Butterly Card"

    Butterflies! I just can not get away from butterflies.....! I'm sure that you can see why too. I LOVE using this motif of mine and have now probably used enough throughout my cardmaking with Glass paints. Really really need to design something new.

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  • Glass Painted Toppers

    New Toppers

    I have recently made some new glass painted toppers for use in my card-making/crafting. The following designs below have been taken from using templates however, the heart design I have designed the swirls in the centre for interest and to be able to use various shades of 1 colour mixed with white opaque (126).



    Glass Painted Toppers Glass Painted Toppers

    Here I made a Butterfly taken from the template in a craft magazine called Cardmaking & Papercraft. The heart was taken from another template but, then I added in swirls to add various shades like I said before and mainly to give interest too. The flower was taken from another template and again with this and the butterfly used various shades of the one colour when mixed with white and not mixed with white to get darker tones.  Below, are close ups of each one:


    Butterfly Glass Topper Butterfly Glass Topper
    Flower & Heart Topper Flower & Heart Topper

    The Butterfly topper I have left areas blank as my plan to allow patterned paper to be seen through those areas creating another dimension and interest too.

    You could however, be more inventive with your artistic talents and actually use acrylic paints with mediums to create something quite similar and still make a topper in the way. This is just an idea to explain that you can use any mediums or methods in your crafting and, allowing you to realise that you can go out of your craft box and bring in the use of art materials within your crafting.

  • Getting Creative with Glass Paints

    "Winging My Way In"

     Time really does pass so quickly......! It was only Friday yesterday it seems like  and, now it is already the beginning of another week. I truly wish we had MORE time in the day, we would get more crafting and painting done.

    Anyway, I shall not babble on! I made up a few butterflies last week and got them painted in with my Decorfin Glass paints allowing to dry for 24hours so, I was able to use on Friday. Well I did not get round to making lots of creations but, got this card made using a couple of my butterfly toppers. I used Olive Green (620) and White Opaque (126) with Bronze Relief Paint. I then put it together with a lovely little Girl image with dog from a company called Lily of the Valley. I am in love with the die cut images there. This image I just felt worked particulary well with the butterflies I have used here and gives it a rather nostalgic and vintage feeling. I framed with lots of pretty paper roses - something I can not do without in my crafting - and used a few ribbons also just to give it that little extra touch. Then used some little silver gems on the butterfly to decorate. I finished with decorating the inside and kept simple.

    The Olive Green (620)Butterfly was done by mixing the white opaque (126) with the Olive green to give it a more softer feel and blend in with the use of papers I chose. Mixing the glass paints is one aspect I am really enjoying at the minute rather than straight from the jar as I get to play around a lot more and you get some really pretty colours when mixed - I for one love my pastel colours - and you see the true colour once mixed up with the white opaque. When mixing you can use any brush ie: decorfin brushes, acrylic brushes & watercolour brushes but, you MUST clean with  with either warm soapy water or turpentine. It is also more fun to experiment with the colours rather than paint from the jar immediately. The colours come out really rich and pure painted straight from the jar. Because I paint thickly and not as they should be used - transparently - I find the darker colours (blues, greens, purples) you can not tell what each colour is so, mixing when painting thickly is a recommendation. There is more beauty and joy to the paints like I say previously when blending with the white.

  • Birthday Cardmaking

    "Birthday Celebrations"

    Experimenting with the Decorfin Glass paints is something that I really enjoy doing just now and trying new surfaces is quite daunting to begin with. however, you really do amaze yourself with spectacular results. I am not one to show off my work but, this handcrafted creation of mine  I really enjoyed producing with the craft materials we sell on our website.

    Having been using acetate all the time with Glass paints I have applied to card instead. Using glass paints on card is actually not so time consuming as it dries up a lot quicker, almost instantly to be honest. as the card absorbs the colour immediately (leaving a mark on the underside).

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  • Cardmaking with Flowers

    "Simple Flower"

     It amazes me how different you can make a card when using the same topper. I really enjoy using this flower design, which you will have seen appearing many times in my cardmaking. Here I have used Silver Relief paint with White opaque (126 ), Light Blue ( 501), and Olive Green (620) glass paints - the two colours have been mixed with white opaque to create soft pastel colours in keeping with the fresh patterned papers. You do not have to use the Decorfin brushes with the glass paints you can  use acrylic brushes however, you just need to remember that you must clean with warm soapy water or turpentine keeping it clean, otherwise the hairs will harden and you will end up chucking out.

    Within the flower topper I made I drew small circles with the silver relief paint then painted in with the pastel blue (a mix of light blue & white opaque) which created a nice balance of colour and, gave more of a dimension to the flower itself.

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  • Pretty Flower

    "Painting a Pretty Flower"

     The joy of Glass Paints and Relief paints are that there are many beautiful colours to play with. Here I have made this card keeping it fresh and zingy by the use of colour in the actual flower topper and use of patterned papers too. I have used the White Relief paint (100) - this could actually be white acrylic paint used with acrylic brushes, instead of the relief paint - on top of acetate &, drawn the flower using the white with two lines, leaving the gap between both lines blank - gives it a bit more interest & depth. I added in white spots of relief paint - again you can use white acrylic paint with acrylic brushes instead -within the flower creating dimension and a pattern. I then mixed the Fuschia (350) with the White (119) creating a lovely soft pastel pink.

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