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Designing with Glass Paints

"New Glass Designs"

It is really quite funny where you pick up some lovely and interesting designs and shapes from around you. I recently found that I was inspired by the beautiful simplified Rose and abstract shape seen on our frosted bathroom door. I got my acetate out and relief paint and stood there drawing over the shapes. I just knew when I saw these shapes that they would be perfect for using in my card-making and perfect for applying Glass Paints to.

Below are the patterns all filled in with pastel colours.

The designs of the Glass Painted Toppers above, are what I started off with after having tracing over the shapes on the bathroom door. The glass paints are of pure colour so, to get the pastel shades I had to mix with the White glass paint, plenty of, depending on how light I want the colour. These were the first stages of the glass painting so, the finished toppers can be seen on the cards with the finishing touches. I layered part of the 1st topper (right at the top) to make parts of the shapes more dimensional than others, this forms a beautiful result. These are just to show you what you can do, where you can find inspiration from and to allow you to see the topper before it is applied to the card and finished. I think it is a nice satisfaction to see the design in progress and then see the finished result! 

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