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Fantasy Art

Natasha Wescoat colourful horse


Just stumbled upon this beautiful colourful rainbow horse over on FaceBook. I simply love the design of this painting and the wonderful use of colours.

This has been been painted by a Fantasy Artist called Natasha Wescoat Other paintings of hers can be found on her Facebook page I have fallen in love with this artists work. Very unique and so different and what a talent to have. Painting below by Natasha is a painting inspired by the film UP. Delightful and quite whimsical looking with beautiful use of colour.

fantasty artist

fantasy artist 2!gallery/cdet visit her website where you can see a gallery of her work as well as shopping on her website. One not to be missed.


One thought on “Fantasy Art”

  • Natalie Jane Wallace
    Natalie Jane Wallace September 23, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    I simply LOVE the style and use of colours in her paintings. Very different and shout out at you. The artistic talent is amazing by this artist.

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