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Getting Organised

Tidy Up and Organise!

As an artist and crafter I am always creating mess in my small craft space/studio. I do not like mess but, somehow manage to create a lot of it while I craft to my hearts content, handcrafting my own cards or painting onto canvasses with a spread of a rainbow of acrylic paint tubes. So the other week I made a very good start on getting tidied up and becoming more organised in my space to allow me to be drawn into my craft space again so I can get creative again. I think when we see mess in front of us, our minds are messed up because of all the mess we see in front of us. So, as much of a chore as iy can be tidying up and organising our things I decided it was time for me to actually do this myself for I know I will want to get creative using my skills.

I am really hoping that I can get back in to my space today and organise more of my studio space as Thursdays my husband and two kids go out for a few hours and I like to call this Natalie Time. A time where I can be creative if I feel up to it or just relax reading and enjoying a pot of tea. But, in my head I want to start using some of this precious time to be creative and really draw myself back to painting, something I always found to relax me and release any troubles deep within me. So here is hoping that this afternoon I can do some more tidying up. I know I will feel better once it is all done and seeing it all spick and span and crystal clean will make me want to be in there all the time. Let us see if that really happens.

Happy painting and Crfating x

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