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Ladybanks Artist on the Platform

Fife Artist - Kirsty Lorenz

Recently, we had a family afternoon trip out visiting artists open studios work We were unable to pop in to all 86 venues but, on returning home and going through the open Studios North Fife brochure I found myself researching on some of the artists to find that one of the artists venues, we were very near to while walking around the beautiful village of Ladybank. Kirsty Lorenz is an artist who is extremel well known for her stunning flower paintings and she has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad. Kirsty Lorenz is based in Ladybank where she renovated the old Victorian Railway Station and made it her studio and runs art classes and workshops from there too. Fresh and delightful that the studio is - to look at that is - seems to be just the perfect setting to have peace to paint away happily.


kirsty lorenz website

Kirsty paints the most amazing oil paintings of foxgloves, dahlias to daisy chains and has an ongoing project (Daisy Chains). Her project is ongoing and each and every painting is magnificent in the of her use of colour and depth and, also how she captures each flower in such magnificent detail. All of Kirstys' masterpieces are made into greeting cards and tea towels also, so there is the odd gift too which have her designs on them.

After reading all about the artist and browsing through all her beautiful paintings on her website I became somewhat annoyed that we missed that chance to view her work in her studio but, at least I know the artists' studio is only a 10 minute drive away for any further exhibitions that she may hold in the near future.

kirsty lorenz 6 studio

The Daisy Chain

Kirstys' long lasting project of the Daisy Chain began from when she had her baby daughter and had seen her making a daisy chain out in their back garden, just like the artist did herself in her childhood, and Kirsty thought to herself how lovely the daisy would a beautiful painting and from there she has produced the most stunning and unique daisy chain paintings - something I have never seen before - and you can see how much hard work has gone in to each and every painting as Kirsty has captured the true essence of the daisy through her use of colour, depth and detail.  You can See just beautiful her paintings are as seen below. Very unique and most inspirational. I keep looking at these wonderful paintings and just keep wanting to go and pick up my brushes and watercolours and get painting myself and having a play around with colour and flowers myself. Love how she has her own space and, what with us planning on taking business back to where we started in Pittenweem and, no longer work from home makes me even more excited for that move to happen as I know we can do something similar but not on such a huge scale as Kirsty. Longing to get painting and allow the feelings deep within me be poured out onto blank canvasses and talk to art lovers.

kirsty lorenz 3

kirsty lorenz

kirsty lorenz 4

I hope this artists' work inspires you & draws you to pick up your brushes and paints.

Happy Painting


God Bless

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