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Learn Zentangle Drawing

Learning Zentangle

zentangle drawingZentangle drawings are cool; I don’t know any other way to describe it.  They are an abstract drawing created using repetitive patterns.  I have never done one but I love to look at them.

Why not learn how to create a Zentangle?

Zentangle®  is the art of drawing with pen and ink, creating small abstract designs by filling spaces with repetitive patterns. They look complicated, but actually are quite simple to do if you follow the steps. Rick and Maria of developed the idea that making these drawings can be an active meditation. They came up with the catchy name, and Zentangle caught the imagination and became a hit with artists and non-artists alike.


Zentangle prompted a movement with people creating beautiful 'Zentangle-inspired-art' (ZIA). Of course many will say that they have been producing these 'doodles' since they were children, and that may be the case, but Zentangle has propelled the humble doodle into the spotlight. If you'd like to try drawing your own ZIA, check out this page: Zentangle Workshop.


Materials needed to make Zentangles

Smooth watercolour paper

HB pencil

Sakura Pigma Micron pens or similar


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