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My New Style

A New Art Style

After having a bit of a break from the land of craft and art, I slowly began to create again incorporating both painting and craft together. i have always been creating with such busyness in my work and, soon decided to limit myself to how much material I use on the artwork and. thought i would fully concentrate on painting with watercolours. So, I kept with the Rembrandt Watercolours  and used some stamped images to paint in. These i then cut to a nice size and framed with patterned papers to finish the mini artwork I had painted. Below you can see some samples of my cards using this new style of mine. What I have found out and concluded, is that most people like "simple" cards with no fuss and so, as much as enjoy using lots of materials and creating fuss in a card, I felt it was important to create something to suit my customer. These Rembrandt Watercolour paints are really lovely to work with as they are rich and vibrant in colour and the quality is that somewhat different to anything else I have used in my past of painting as a hobby. It is really important that you find a paint of excellent quality and of affordable price to suit the level of its quality itself. The Rembrandt range is the Artist Quality and are worth the price that they are.

Below  - Fairy Wish Card 1

Below - Close Up of Card 1 Fairy Wishing

Above - Card 2 Girl with Cupcake

Above - Close up

When painting with watercolours on images like these I fill one area at time with plain water then add the colour to the water, allowing the colour to fade out within that area. Otherwise, if you paint a few areas the colour will bleed into each other - sometimes this can turn out to work really well but, other times it could be a disaster. So remember an area at a time.

If you are a keen painter and paint for a hobby or are an Artist and you are looking for something new to try your hand at you will not be disappointed with the quality of the Royal Talens range of art supplies. Botanical Artists would adore these Rembrandt Watercolours as they help capture the richness of any colours seen in flowers and with the right brushes and, the opaque and transparent colours that you can get in the range you can create spontaneous botanical artworks as well as many other themed paintings from seascapes to animals to people.

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