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  • Charles M. Schulz Mail Art « Shellie Lewis' Blog

    Remember Peanuts & Snoopy?

    Did you know that a true artist see the art everywhere? It is not only about official happenings and formal paintings. Take Charles M. Schulz for example. He is famous for the Peanuts which are still selling well, but as we can see from this blog post he put his vision of art everywhere, including the mail envelopes to make his surroundings more artful.

    Read the full article here:
    Charles M. Schulz Mail Art « Shellie Lewis' Blog

  • Loving Fountain Pens « Shellie Lewis' Blog

    Do you love fountain pens?

    This article discusses how one artist feels about fountain pens. She noticed they are harder to find in stores so she recommends purchasing them online. She does advise you to purchase ones that have been highly rated by other users. They provide a wide range of lines that can be drawn. This artist is fond of the depth they help create in drawings.

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    Loving Fountain Pens « Shellie Lewis' Blog

  • Is Ready-Made Art More Powerful Than Painting?

    Ready Made Art?

    Some claim the rising popularity of painting may not be a totally positive change for the art world.

    Jonathan Jones defends ready-made art as a medium that allows the artist to mirror the world around them. He provides contemporary examples of artists who use everyday objects to increase the emotional impact of their work.

    Two examples of these artists are Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg.

    Read the full article here:
    Is ready-made art more powerful than painting? | Art and design |

  • Sir Denis Mahon's Gift To The Nation

    Baroque Art Givaway

    A generous gift of baroque art from collector Sir Denis Mahon has been permanently allocated to public galleries in Britain.

    This collection has many 17th century Italian paintings that were meant to be hung in churches. The generous gift of the paintings include works by Guercino and Reni, and they will definitely delight art lovers for many years to come.

    Read the full article here:
    Sir Denis Mahon's gift to the nation: and now for the best of baroque | Art and design |

  • Trip to Holland


    We travelled to Holland towards the end of May and spent a few days on business in Apeldoorn. Visiting our supplier Royal Talens has been a dream come true for me since I started working with Trinity Arts in 2004.  We went over for Product Training which was all led by one of Royal Talens Artists - Marieanna. It was such a brilliant opportunity to learn all that we did on the art supplies we sell, which are handmade and shipped by RT themselves, as we gained a lot of information we did not know before and it was all very much hands on too. Marieanna did a fantastic job at teaching us about the many beautiful ranges of art materials - which we were swarmed by in the studio, a rainbow of colours lying around us perfectly well in a organised fashion. Felt truly inspired to get creative with the many supplies I saw from my own eyes. The whole visit from the product training, to meeting staff, dining out and seeing the sights of Apeldoorn and Amsterdam was incredible and a whole new experience. Holland is very different and the people look after themselves well and look after he cleanliness of their country. It is a place to visit.


    Product Training on the Royal Talens Supplies

    As much as I was feeling inspired by the rainbow of colourful paints I found this visit to Royal Talens extremely beneficial.  Just being able to hear and learn more about the characteristics of the materials supplied was really exciting and, I think being an artist  and having the enthusiasm and passion for art and painting helps all the more while gaining on the information we did. We even got to walk round the factory and see how the paints were made and see each product being boxed and packaged. The most exciting part of the factory was watching the 3 roller mill as the paint was rolled around grinding the lumps in the paint, where the high pigments oare getting finer and finer in a repeated process. The colours of paint was stretched like a elastic sheet.  This was amazing and wish I had been able to get a photograph but unfortunately we were not allowed to do so. I will come to talk about the factory in more detail later but, I just had to mention this as it was an amazing part to see.



    Factory Tour

    Going around the factory with one of Talens artists' was an eye opener as we got to see how every product is made from start to finish. This was very beneficial to us and helped us understand the properties  and characteristics of each product they supply. The majority of Royal Talens art supplies are made by hand and on sight in their very own warehouse and , the factory itself is spotless. Never seen anywhere so clean and spotless and, the staff who work in the factory - which is very many - are particular and do their job in great detail. It was somewhat amazing to see and even this inspired us to want to paint. I think what fascinated me more was seeing the oil paint speeding away on the 3 ply rollers - going at different speeds - and seeing the elasticity of the paint itself and the vibrancy of the pure colours of oils. Just a shame I have no photos of this as it was truly amazing to watch. Then when we came to the Rembrandt watercolour half pans the procedure of these being produced was interesting too. Once the paint block was heated to a specific temperature not afterwards, they were cut to size by hand after having been moulded into their half pan block shape. I watched with delight how they did this and I was given a go but struggled. Got there in the end but it was not as easy to do as they made it look but, I had to remember that these guys have been working in the factory for many years.  The lovely thing about this company is that whoever they hire they seem to be willing to hire on the families of that person. Everyone was so friendly and very helpful and, just having that time over there was such a blessing for we all gained so much out of this business trip.

    We were sorry to leave but we are definitely going to go back at some point.

  • My Own Work

    Pastel Landscape

    I started producing an acrylic painting some time ago and never really got to finish it. Recently, I have been finding myself in the thinking zone of "wanting to go and paint" and never seem to have the time and, due to my poor health at present art therapy seems to be calling me and what is more relaxing than painting?......

    As painting is a "healer"  this fantastic form of therapy is gradually allowing me to find little opportunities to paint, even if it is only for an hour or less. Below is the painting I am working on just now and is still a work in  progress.

    I simply Love my pastel colours and like the odd strike of rich colours, especially the shimmering pearlescent Rembrandt acrylic paints . Depending on where the light hits the canvas you will see the vivid pearlescent colour at that point.  I do enjoy using richer colours but, pastel colours have always been a favourite with me; they are soothing and calming and relax me, maybe that is why I enjoy painting with these colours as its my way of calming down. This painting has been composed from my imagination and I managed to create the blue sky and a pinky coral foreground, but very plain, and I was stuck from then on -hence why I have not returned to the canvas. Thankfully, last Friday being as work was slightly quieter than normal I started to work on the foreground and initially thought flowers is what the canvas needs. So I began painting basic flower forms and spent time working on each flower. I was not very sure if they were going to work out right at the time but, I was quite happy until yesterday I went back to my I then found myself working over the flowers and bringing texture into the foreground.

    Painting Flowers with a Palette Knife

    I began to form lily flowers using a palette knife. I eventually built up their form and got the stamens in and the specks of colours on the petals. Once I composed these lilys' I found myself looking at my painting for 10 minutes to see what needed doing next. I found it really quite relaxing viewing my painting and just getting a feel for the scene itself and, seeing if any other shapes were jumping out at me, as if the painting was talking to me and telling me what to form next. I could not see anything at first so I began painting basic shapes of sheep on either side of the painting. Once they were done I then saw a path forming so I made this very realistic to the viewer. This took time to do as found it tricky to create around the lily's themselves - should have been the path that was painted first but, it is not how it worked out. I am usually found to make things difficult on myself though. I looked at me painting again and felt it was just missing a little something and , so I painted birds in the sky in the most basic shape. and created depth in the painting through the birds gliding in the sky. Once I was done I realised my painting was complete and that I was very happy with the  finished painting. (see below)





    I have certainly enjoyed producing this and, all from my imagination as well. Now I ask myself "do I want to part from it?" because i do and I do not want to but, many of my friends have said they really like it .

  • A Little Update

    A Little Update

    We are very lucky to be able to work in such a picturesque fishing village and, be able to pop out for a short walk during our work hours as and when we like. We are very thankful for these opportunities to be able to as we walk back into our work station feeling refreshed and feeling enthusiastic again to get back to business. My wonderful husband spent the night there last night, just to have some time to refresh himself and enjoy reading his Bible (we are both Christians and have God at the centre of our life for we live to glorify him in all that we do). I was able to do the same on Monday and come Tuesday I got to play with my mountain of Amsterdam Paints, palette knives and got creative on canvas.

    20130917_100503  20130908_105253  20130918_160855  20130812_180919

    You can see from the photos attached just how picturesque and relaxing Pittenweem is. We are based down on the harbour front so, we get the joy of hearing the hustling and bustling of the fisherman getting on cleaning up after they have shipped in from a nights out at sea fishing for crabs, prawns etc and much to our delight the fishy smell. We get to see the huge amounts of crates of fish being hoiked up into vans for taking away to the fish shops too. Have to admit, even though I am not a huge fish lover - eating them that is of course - I really enjoy the process of it all and watching the fishing boats come in and working away. Our two children - aged 8 and 5 - enjoy chatting away with the Captain and all the fisherman when we are over at weekends staying. They just love the venture through there on the coast and getting to know people and ask whats going on and what they are fishing for. Really cute actually.

    Be Inspired

    You will see just how inspirational the scenery is on the coast here, for Paul and I as artists. We met in 2004 and we use to love throwing all our paint supplies into his van with canvasses and enjoying many a evening painting the beauty of the coast. I remember one night especially, where we went round to the other side of the harbour and I sat and watched my Paul being really expressive with his painting and, it was so much fun to watch him as his whole body went into his painting. It was a joy to watch him. As we did not have a telly at the time, we were always out painting together when not working. We plan to do the same again but this time round it will be in the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays of every second week. We truly need to get back into our painting again and start on this new work venture we have in mind to allow us to try and get out there and sell sell sell our paintings. What we love best is to paint is the coastal scenery along on the East Neuk of Fife.

  • Artists

    Feeling Inspired at the Pittenweem Arts Festival

    The following artists have been inspiring me lately and I have been enjoying looking at their paintings and reading up about each artist.

    Anne Dunlop exhibited in the Pittenweem Arts Festival this year and ,below is just one of her paintings I have fallen in love with. This is a painting of somewhere in St.Andrews with lots of wild flowers produced in a lovely impressionistic way. I love her use of colour and style here and how she has made the flowers to be the focus of her painting.

    anne dunlop

    Another artist who has inspired me from the Arts festival is Linda Paton, whome we chatted with during the Pittenweem Arts Festival. Lovely lady and I have to admit it is always nice to be able to talk with the Artist and learn about their work through them and share your love as a painter with like minded people. Below is one of Linda Patons paintings which truly captured my eye for the composition and style of her painting. This is of St.Andrews from a beach view.

    linda paton

  • Painting in Progress

    "Painting In Progress"

    I started this new painting a couple of weeks ago while at home. I brought the canvas over to work so that I could work on it on my creative day. I have created this from imagination and have been really enjoying painting this. Again I have been using the Amsterdam acrylic paints but this time have managed to avoid using the beautiful Rembrandt Pearlescent acrylic paints (an obsession I have with these paints). I have to admit though my painting has not gone to how I planned it to look but, I am happy with it and have enjoyed creating the foreground of the foxgloves - an impression of them anyway. A palette knife was used for the foxgloves and i splattered on the white highlights from it too., but in a delicate way. I am not sure though wheteher to add in some more of these or not but I think what with my poppies it might be ok. If I go on I may overpaint them, which can be easily done.

    I then somehow found myself beginning to paint a small portion of the sea in the horizon, making it look as if thne tide is coming in; this I am delighted with as I enjoyed painting this with a Rembrandt oil/acrylic brush and just being able to feel the smoothness of the paint and seeing the blue and while blend nicely was very therapeutic. It took time to paint but, feel I have captured the sea well here.  I think it is great that you do not have to restrict yourself to using the one material to paint on with and being able to use different tools to capture different textures. The one part I am not totally happy with is my boat. This I am going to fix as it sticks out like a sore thumb and just does not work with the rest of the painting. I am thinking of possibly going over the horizontal blue line with a more prominent and dark blue and, move the base of the boat up. I welcome your ideas and advice on this if you have any? And do you think I should add more foxgloves in or not?

    20130917_124351 20130917_125723 20130917_145838 20130917_145708 20130917_150114

    Above from Left; Studio, Close up of foxgloves, Close up of the foreground, painting on easel

    Below; my Amsterdam acrylic paints and my set up in studio


  • Fantasy Art

    Natasha Wescoat colourful horse


    Just stumbled upon this beautiful colourful rainbow horse over on FaceBook. I simply love the design of this painting and the wonderful use of colours.

    This has been been painted by a Fantasy Artist called Natasha Wescoat Other paintings of hers can be found on her Facebook page I have fallen in love with this artists work. Very unique and so different and what a talent to have. Painting below by Natasha is a painting inspired by the film UP. Delightful and quite whimsical looking with beautiful use of colour.

    fantasty artist

    fantasy artist 2

 !gallery/cdet visit her website where you can see a gallery of her work as well as shopping on her website. One not to be missed.


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