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  • Handy Tips; Hints for Glass Paints


    Cleaning up after painting.

    Like any other there are always Hints & Tips for anything you use when making something. I have come across a few things since starting using the Decorfin Glass Paints and want to share these with you as I know there are many friends of mine over on the Crafts Beautiful forum are taking part in our Glass Painting Challenge. If you read the following tips and hints you will soon be well on your way to beautiful & inspiring glass painted makes in card-making.

    * When changing to another colour when painting have some luke warm water or even Turps, which is better, to dip your brush in and a paper towel for drying off, leaving clean for next colour.



    Cleaning Agent - Turps or Warm Water


    *Apply the Relief Paint thickly, to do so take the nozzle off and apply or even, draw over the first layer of relief paint ( I tend to do this ) while wet and then leave to dry flat. If you require thicker add as many layers of Relief Paint as you need.

    * Apply the Glass Paints thickly to your topper you are making so that brush marks are not seen at all. When doing so though, make sure you have used the Relief Paint thickly too or else the Glass Paint will go over the lines of Relief Paint. I tend to thicken the relief paint at least 3 x when painting thickly. But wait till dry enough to go over with the next layer.

     You could also try encompassing a small decorative object within the layers.


    Glass Painted Heart Topper


    * You can use the Relief Paint also, for writing text on your card makes if you feel comfortable with your handwriting. You can also, use the relief paint to draw swirls and anything else for a drawn effect. 



    Writing with Relief Paint


    * When drying the Glass Painted Images created you need to lie flat for 24 hours but, I have found that some colours are not fully dry after the required 24 hours so, a tip from me is to hang your toppers on to a wall or door and allow to dry more as then the colour will not drip and allows more free space to work to make more. When doing so, just use a piece of masking tape or sellotape when pinning up to dry.



    Drying Heart


    * Colours Light Blue and Transparent White take a bit longer to dry I have found and leave a sticky feeling so, bare in mind as I have left things lying around and bits get into them and remain there leaving the topper a bit messy. Also, keep fingers away from the stickiness as will leave finger marks.



    Finger Marks, Dust etc.


     * I have found that when I get craft magazines and see some useful templates of basic shapes, I cut out and keep and use these for drawing over with Relief Paint, especially when creating on acetate as you can lay the Template underneath the acetate and then store away in an envelope for later makes. Very handy are templates, especially if you can not draw. If you are happy with your own drawing skills and enjoy drawing then you can easily make your own templates to use; the heart below is my very own hand drawn template that I use a lot in my crafting. 



    Templates from Magazines or Own

    * Using Stamps, the Image of, you can use the outline as a base or, if abstract enough to use all detail on it use as a template for your glass painted topper. (I used this Butterfly Stamp below to use as a base for a topper to make a card).

    Butterfly Stamp

    * I have found that Punches in Cardmaking ie. squares, circles etc. and scalloped ones too are handy to punch the shapes out and adhere to the surface you are working on and go over with the glass paints - either to use as a outline or fill in. It is interesting when you have a scalloped square paper with flowers on and you see the Transparent white over the whole square and the pattern can be seen through the glass paint. But, also you can use punched out shapes - especially little shapes - and sprinkle on top of the glass paint whilst wet to create something different and then use the Transparent white over that once dry. This sample below just shows a small sample I have tested out on using Transparent Glass Paint on top of patterned paper, so nothing special. 





    Technique Using Patterned Paper


    Watch out for too much paint on the brush - it can get everywhere!

    When painting in small designs make sure that you use a small headed fine brush when applying, so not to have paint coming out over the sides of the design.

    Make sure your lids are on tightly and storing paints upside down will help stop them drying out.

     Ideas to try

    Masking fluid - this can be used to maintain white marks where wished on the design but, we give this as an idea to try out on canvas.

    Layers - decoupage;

    When producing layers of glass paint you need to wait til each layer of relief paint and glass paint is dry (use thickly though) and then do the same again for the 2/3/4/5th layers - as many as you wish, just bare in mind the weight of the base the design goes onto.  



    Glass Painted Abstract Topper

    The other way to produce layers of glass paint is to create your design and repeat however many times and relief each one using either beads or sticky foam squares to raise each layer. Below, is an example of the 3 layers seperately then, one of all the layers layered together with beads.


    Layered Flower - Glass Painted
    Adhered with Beads
  • Designing with Glass Paints

    "New Glass Designs"

    It is really quite funny where you pick up some lovely and interesting designs and shapes from around you. I recently found that I was inspired by the beautiful simplified Rose and abstract shape seen on our frosted bathroom door. I got my acetate out and relief paint and stood there drawing over the shapes. I just knew when I saw these shapes that they would be perfect for using in my card-making and perfect for applying Glass Paints to.

    Below are the patterns all filled in with pastel colours.

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  • Rembrandt Oil Paints

    Taking the PlungeWhoohoo! Take the plunge with Rembrandt!

    Finally I have managed to get all the open stock of the Rembrandt Oil Paint, onto our new website, which will let you get 25% off if you order a pack amount. There is a huge colour range to choose from, all made from the purest & best pigments available. I'm particularly fond of the metallic colours, the deeper blues, Quinadrone Rose, and Pearlescent White.

    Most of the time I just use these paints straight to canvas, Continue reading

  • Flowers & Glass Paints

    "Flowers Galore"

    This card above has been made using a Glass Painted Topper Imade last week. I have posted a separate post about the topper here. I layered the topper with 3 layers of the same design Continue reading

  • Watercolour in Cardmaking

    " Garden of Delightful Flowers"


    As you can see from seeing the others my passion for watercolours is never-ending! This card here is put together using another stamped image - yes! i am craft crazy for stamped images, there's nothing more therapeutic than painting. I have used my Rembrandt Watercolours again and enjoyed making this card as the colours used in the image work so very well with the colours in the patterned paper. I just love the Quinacridone Rose and Olive Green Watercolour paints and tend to use in all my images that I paint!

    Continue reading

  • Stamping and Watercolour

     "Watercolour Thoughts"

    Here is a card which I have titled "thoughts" as the stamped image of the girl seems to me to be very thoughtful! This image has been painted using my Rembrandt Watercolour paints. Once done and dry I cut a oval shape around the girl and mounted onto the card with patterned Blueberry Hill papers and then embellished the card with a button, ric rac ribbon, punched paper flowers and beads and hand wrote " Friendship" on a small mounted piece of card.

      Continue reading

  • Cardmaking with Watercolour

    "Little Girl In The Garden"

    This was produced by painting in a stamped image using my Rembrandt Watercolour Paints, which I have in 5 ml and 20ml tubes, these last for a very long time and I would not know where I would be without them as they are incredibly lovely to work with. I do use these Talens Rembrandt Watercolours to produce a painting ie, say a botanical painting or seascape also but, I tend to use a lot for handcrafting my own cards. Continue reading

  • True Love Card

    Rembrandt Watercolours

    Rembrandt Watercolours are the BEST watercolour paints I have come across in my time of painting. I have been working these beautiful high quality paints for almost 5 years now and have not gone back to using any other brand. Why? Because the richness and vibrancy of their colours and quality are amazing. I have never come across a watercolour that is so beautiful to work with. The magic of these is in the richness of colour!

    The card seen above, is a make I did for a challenge on the Crafts Beautiful Forum. Continue reading

  • Glass Painting Flower Cards

    Painting Flowers with Glass Paints

    I made this card using a Glass Painted Flower that i hand drew out myself, I then went over it - on the acetate - with Relief Paint and allowed to dry for 24 hours before filling in with the Decorfin Glass Paint, made by Talens. I used a Blue for this and once dry, lying flat while drying, I glued on a paper rose just to give it that finishing touch! Adhered this Glass Painted to two different papers and Voila!




  • Glass painted Butterfly


    Painting a Butterfly 

    I used several patterned papers and layered them on each other breaking up with white card to help balance it all off. The Butterfly I drew around a stamped image and I simplified making it easier to fill  in with the Glass Paints. I finished with embellishing with flowers and papers roses and a bead and then did Faux Stitching - drawing fake stitch marks. Really enjoyed making this one too and feel it works really well!

    Natalie Wallace x

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