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Painting In Watercolour

  • Jan Harbon

    Jan Harbon

    I always enjoy browsing the net for new artists and viewing their artwork. here is an artist whom I have just fallen in love for her beautifully and amazing floral paintings. her use of detail is gorgeous and what a really good eye she has as well as her beautiful way of applying paint. Inspires me and I just had to share her beauty for her love for flowers and nature.

    Visit Jan Harbons website here and you will find greeting cards, prints and more, available to order too.

    painted by Jan Harbon

  • Basic Painting Tips: Watercolor Painting Demonstration

    Watercolour Painting Tips

    Watch this video as Jason Y.F uses watercolors to paint this little stream along side a rocky mountain. The video is just over nine minutes.  There has been alot of editing but he basically takes you from start to finish, however there is only light music playing in the background and no narration from the artist himself.


  • My View on Watercolor Painting

    Watercolor Painting

    I have to say that watercolors have a mind of their own and sometimes seem as if they are actually fighting you. When this is happening, step back and take a little time (just don't take to long) and learn to accept that sometimes they will pull you in directions you don't expect. Once you accept this then you will start to learn that what you thought was an accident turns into something wonderful.

    Here is a tip for the watercolor beginners.

    If your painting and end up with a puddle of paint at the bottom of a series of strokes, Do not panic. They call this "gravity". Simply take a relatively dry brush and carefully mop it up.

    As you might be able to tell through some of my posts, I am partial to watercolors. I think this is because I have 2 young kids and feel so much safer with something easy to clean up. Never the less watercolor painting is fun and can produce some wonderful pictures.

  • My New Style

    A New Art Style

    After having a bit of a break from the land of craft and art, I slowly began to create again incorporating both painting and craft together. i have always been creating with such busyness in my work and, soon decided to limit myself to how much material I use on the artwork and. thought i would fully concentrate on painting with watercolours. So, I kept with the Rembrandt Watercolours  and used some stamped images to paint in. These i then cut to a nice size and framed with patterned papers to finish the mini artwork I had painted. Below you can see some samples of my cards using this new style of mine. What I have found out and concluded, is that most people like "simple" cards with no fuss and so, as much as enjoy using lots of materials and creating fuss in a card, I felt it was important to create something to suit my customer. These Rembrandt Watercolour paints are really lovely to work with as they are rich and vibrant in colour and the quality is that somewhat different to anything else I have used in my past of painting as a hobby. It is really important that you find a paint of excellent quality and of affordable price to suit the level of its quality itself. The Rembrandt range is the Artist Quality and are worth the price that they are.

    Below  - Fairy Wish Card 1

    Below - Close Up of Card 1 Fairy Wishing

    Above - Card 2 Girl with Cupcake

    Above - Close up

    When painting with watercolours on images like these I fill one area at time with plain water then add the colour to the water, allowing the colour to fade out within that area. Otherwise, if you paint a few areas the colour will bleed into each other - sometimes this can turn out to work really well but, other times it could be a disaster. So remember an area at a time.

    If you are a keen painter and paint for a hobby or are an Artist and you are looking for something new to try your hand at you will not be disappointed with the quality of the Royal Talens range of art supplies. Botanical Artists would adore these Rembrandt Watercolours as they help capture the richness of any colours seen in flowers and with the right brushes and, the opaque and transparent colours that you can get in the range you can create spontaneous botanical artworks as well as many other themed paintings from seascapes to animals to people.

  • Watercolour in Cardmaking - Fairy Wishes

    My Watercolour Painting Card

      Having the use to so many Artists and Hobby Craft Materials in our house and, having the skill to use various materials I have the joy to create artworks and cards using the wide range of supplies that we have in stock, at an arms length away too.

    My love of watercolour painting has been a love of mine since I was a young teenager and, I have worked with various brands of  Water colour. But, for me Royal Talens Rembrandt Watercoloursare by far the best I have come across. The purity and richness of colour is striking and very vivid making them so lovely to work with. You can see the richness of the colours in the stamped fairy I have painted in with my WC paints. I woul;d never dream of using Winsor & Newton, Galleria or any other brand again. Talens paints really do take over from the other brands and the quality is far better as well as price too. You sure do gte your moneys worth.

    You do not necessarily have to use WC paints to paint images. You could opt to use the Liquid Ecoline Inks as these are quite similar to watercolours just, that they are in Ink form and are water based. They are designed for graphic artists, illustrators and graphic artists also.  Ideal for card-making I think too. The fluidity of them, from which I have seen, is just something else. I have not yet used them but, have a bag filled with the full range. Really need to sort my shelves out and get them on show and hopefully encourage me to use and apply in my card-making! Ecoline Liquid Inks are very popular on our website and we have sold many plus, Ecoline sets, overseas.

  • Birthday Boy - Watercolours

    "Birthday Boy Watercolour Card"

    Using Watercolour paints

    Another weekend is over and I am back to blog Land.

    My nephew and niece celebrated their birthdays in the middle of August and for my Nephew I made this card using my Rembrandt Watercolour paints 5ml. Watercolour paints are not only for general painting to paint a whole image, it is also a use of craft supplies. I used Sepia (416) for the hair, Bluish Green(640) for the present, Cerulean Blue Phthalo (535) for the boys top, Yellow Ochre  (227) for the shorts, Quinacridone Rose (366) for the ribbon and tag around the present & used the Naples Yellow Deep (223) for the skin. These colours from the Rembrandt Range certainly work really well with the papers i have used and give a masculine feel as a whole. The Bluish Green (640) is a beautiful hue to work with and makes me think of the sea. Skin colours are hard to get but, the Naples Yellow Deep mixed with a tiny dot of pink just gives that perfect skin colour.

    Other examples of art materials that you could use instead of using Watercolour paints are: Drawing inks (these come in 2 sizes: 11ml of 18 colours & 490ml of 12 colours), Ecoline  Inks  Continue reading

  • Fairy Cardmaking

    "Fairy Happy Birthday"

     Using the Rembrandt Watercolour Paints I painted in this beautiful stamped image I bought from Lili of the Valley. I started to work with layers of papers in this card which now seems to be a new path in my card-making.

    Continue reading

  • Reading in the Garden

    "Reading In Garden"


    Continue reading

  • Canvas Craftwork with Watercolor Painting


    I felt it was time to give myself a project using one of the Dutch art materials that we sell on our website. I decided to base the theme of my project on "Wings!" anything with Wings is to be used in this project of mine and I want to create a canvas craft-work. So, I have used the Rembrandt Watercolour Paints 5ml tubes and used them to paint in this stamped image, which was given to me by a dear friend, Sarah Louise (aka tiggertastic on CB Forum).

    I have then painted it in starting off with using the tubes of colours chosen very pale. To start with a pale colour you need to get plenty water on the brush but, not too much so that the colour stays within the image. Always have a jar of water by your side with a good sized brush head, make sure it's a watercolour brush as well. You need only a small amount of colour and apply to the part of the image you wish that colour to be, see below! Continue reading

  • Watercolours with Cardmaking

    "A Watercolour Card for Someone Special"

    I am part of a craft Forum and on a daily basis spent some time there uploading my handcrafted cards and other makes. I am not only passionate for the Glass Paints we sell on our website but, have a bigger passion for painting and really enjoy painting with the Rembrandt Watercolours we also sell online. The sheer vibrancy and purity of the paint itself is of such high quality and, not only that, the feel of them to paint with is just beautiful. This card above uses a stamped image of an Angel sitting on a toadstool (from the Rachelle Anne Miller Collection of stamps) which I have painted in with such joy. The colours used, or at least some of are: Quinacridone Rose, Sepia, Olive Green, others I will name later when I remember them. I got a lot of good comments on this card and especially on my painting skills. The "Special Someone" I set this card to I also sent her some of the Rembrandt paints to try herself and Wow! Her results are just stunning. It amazes me when I see other crafters paint and use in their cards also. Just goes to show you that painting with paints straight onto your cards really gives a perfect and stunning finish.

    Above, A close up of the Stamped Image Painted with the Rembrandt Watercolours (5ml tubes)

    Above just shows you a close up of the painted image on another angle.

    If you like painting and enjoy, as much as I do, painting with watercolours I urge you to try your hand at it as it really, really, really does make such a difference than a printed painted card of an original. Yes, it takes time but, the finished result is quite something and receivers are touched by your kindness and the work gone into it too. Happy Painting All.


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