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Prelim Sketches of Lilys

Weekend Sketching

Sketching is always a very good start pointing before getting into your many tubes of paints. I spent a hour or so at the weekend just drawing these line drawings of my favourite subject, Lilys. There is a lot that goes on in a lily and I hope I have captured every detail in these. I forgot how relaxing sketching actually is and, after having done these prelim sketches with the Talens Sketch PencilsI just want to get going again and come up with different angles of the lily so I can take each one and transform into watercolour paintings. In the past, I have enjoyed using coloured pencils to achieve form, shape and colour but not done so in many years now. I may just have to pick up my coloured pencils or even my watercolour pencils and have a try again.  But nothing beats   a lovely tonal/line drawing of your favourite subject!

Natalie  x x x

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