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Pretty Flower

"Painting a Pretty Flower"

 The joy of Glass Paints and Relief paints are that there are many beautiful colours to play with. Here I have made this card keeping it fresh and zingy by the use of colour in the actual flower topper and use of patterned papers too. I have used the White Relief paint (100) - this could actually be white acrylic paint used with acrylic brushes, instead of the relief paint - on top of acetate &, drawn the flower using the white with two lines, leaving the gap between both lines blank - gives it a bit more interest & depth. I added in white spots of relief paint - again you can use white acrylic paint with acrylic brushes instead -within the flower creating dimension and a pattern. I then mixed the Fuschia (350) with the White (119) creating a lovely soft pastel pink.

While the Flower topper was drying for 24 hours I picked out patterned papers to work alongside the Glass painted topper. I adhered the layers of paper together and finished with adding the flower topper on by fixing with double sided foam squares to make 2D and, drew little lines around the edges of the papers (known as faux Stitching) and finished with little pink adhesive gems and my own sentiment. Lastly, I glued on a paper 3d rose to the centre of the flower.

 Using acetate is a nice material to work on with the application of glass paints.  What interest me with acetate is all the many ways you can use the material. I have found that you can bend the acetate once painted on and you get interesting results on the back as well as the front and you can mould into shape. In the range of glass paints there is a transparent white (126), this is a very interesting paint as using this can achieve many results of beauty in cardmaking. It can be used straight directly on top of paper, can be used on your glass painted topper making the background more subtle and intruiging.

You will see above that I shaped the topper a little to give some depth and interest.

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