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Seascape Paintings

I do like the searachel mia allen

I was just going through the News feed on Facebook and found these two beauties. Above a wonderful dazzling seascape by Rachel Mia Allen. Rachel paints with oil inks, oil paint & oil pastels on card and, creates paintings that glow with light, colour, continuing delight and a great sense of space. If you get chance visit her Facebook page and you can view her other paintings on the folloowing

Below, this tranquil seascape/landscape by John Connolly. Amanda paints in oil and focuses her keen interest on rugged terrain and continually changing light, painting skies and landscapes paying particular attention to detail of light, particularly when it falls on open water. Rarely will you see people in his paintings as John likes to impress a sense of remoteness on the viewer. Have a look at

new painting

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