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Sharpie Markers Rapidly Decay « Shellie Lewis' Blog

Sharp Decay

Wow!  This is a shocker for me!

Did you know that Sharpie markers will rapidly decay?  I found this post and was quite shocked to read this.  Its about a young lady that did a lot of artwork (drawing, coloring and doodling) with sharpie pens only to find out that years down the road her artwork was ruined.

This customer took matters in her own hands and actually contacted Sharpie (Newell Rubbermaid Office Products) and was told that since Sharpie Markers are alcohol based, they were prone to rapid decay and discoloration.

Wow, now wait a minute.  Almost all Actors, Famous People and Athletes always sign autographs with a sharpie.  This is bad news if you just paid big money for an authentic autograph thinking years from now its going to be worth tons of money.  There's a chance it might disappear!

Before you freak out and run grab all your artwork and autographs you might want to take a minute are read this:

One thought on “Sharpie Markers Rapidly Decay « Shellie Lewis' Blog”

  • Natalie Jane Wallace
    Natalie Jane Wallace November 15, 2012 at 11:35 am

    That is really awful to read. i really feel for that artist now after reading this. Not good for the famous people either. Not good at all.

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