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Toppers, Experimenting with Glass Paints

First time with Glass Paints 

I have never been one for working with Glass Paints but, I thought I would give it a go but, use it for my cardmaking rather than on glass itself! I think after doing these experiments though I might just want to push my boundaries and further my experimenting onto glass.

These experiments are just my first samples I have done over the last few days. This is a glass paint high in intensity of its colour. Rich and vibrant and beautiful to work with.

For some of these I have drawn out myself and then gone over the lines with the relief paint! The butterfly I traced from a stamp image once stamped. The flowers are all hand drawn and so is the Bird too. the more Celtic ones my DH did. Once the relief paint was dry in 24 hours I added in the glass paint colour very thickly, and I mean thickly and added in my sequins and beads to keep within my signature in my cardmaking and just to experiment also.

I would love to hear your opinions on my experiments here. and I would love it more if you were able to tell me "what would you do with glass paints, if not using glass and using for your cardmaking etc.???? If you have ideas I would love to hear them, on how you would use glass paints! 

The next lot of samples that I did are shown below then I went into the making of cards with some of these glass Painted Designs of mine. I kept to the basics of designs and drew out butterflies, birds and hearts and my DH drew out some gorgeous Celtic designs and played around himself with ideas which I took further into my cardmaking, again you will see later.

After having played around with the Talens Decorfin Glass paints and Relief Paints producing many samples of a variety of concepts i then took these Glass Painted Toppers and incorporated into my cardmaking! Here are some samples below for you to see how they were used.

The cards I have composed together above were the first couple that I made and have to say that I am more than pleased with how they have turned out. It's always a surprise to see something new that you have tried so well. I look forward to making MANY MORE and shall to show more very soon too.

Natalie x


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