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Watercolour Artist - Inspiration


I came across this beautiful artist Jean Haines, who paints the most eye catching , vibrant and fluid watercolour paintings. There is such grace and excitement in her paintings that each and every painting just pops right out at you.  Jeans use of colour is just magnificent, as well as her use of water - this is the whole purpose of watercolour paints - which creates the spontaneous fluidity of colour in her artworks.

Below, you can read an article on a previous exhibition she held at the Stockbridge Gallery from last year in July.


What I simply love about her watercolour paintings is the fact that some do not look finished, almost like a quick watercolour study of her subject.  As an artist myself, one whom does not have time right now to dedicate my time to painting, I have always enjoyed doing tonal sketches and like seeing other artists studies of artwoirk, it has always been something that inspires me to get back into my painting and dabble. Below you can see her paintings that have that unfinished look yet, very realistic, and others that are more of a finished artwork.

haines 2

haines 5

Great Watercolours

You can see that Jean paints such a vast array of subjects and I think that is why I like her artwork so much because it allows her watercolour artistic skills show through each and every on of her paintings. Jean haines can certainly capture the concept of watercolour paints through her wet on wet technique and, her use of vibrant colour allows her paintings to really stand out, as well as her techniques used. Love the floating and graceful feeling she captures in her work as well as the realism of her subjects.

haines 6

haines 7

haines 8

You can read about the artist and view other artworks by Jean Haines on

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haines 9

haines 10

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