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Watercolour in Cardmaking - Fairy Wishes

My Watercolour Painting Card

  Having the use to so many Artists and Hobby Craft Materials in our house and, having the skill to use various materials I have the joy to create artworks and cards using the wide range of supplies that we have in stock, at an arms length away too.

My love of watercolour painting has been a love of mine since I was a young teenager and, I have worked with various brands of  Water colour. But, for me Royal Talens Rembrandt Watercoloursare by far the best I have come across. The purity and richness of colour is striking and very vivid making them so lovely to work with. You can see the richness of the colours in the stamped fairy I have painted in with my WC paints. I woul;d never dream of using Winsor & Newton, Galleria or any other brand again. Talens paints really do take over from the other brands and the quality is far better as well as price too. You sure do gte your moneys worth.

You do not necessarily have to use WC paints to paint images. You could opt to use the Liquid Ecoline Inks as these are quite similar to watercolours just, that they are in Ink form and are water based. They are designed for graphic artists, illustrators and graphic artists also.  Ideal for card-making I think too. The fluidity of them, from which I have seen, is just something else. I have not yet used them but, have a bag filled with the full range. Really need to sort my shelves out and get them on show and hopefully encourage me to use and apply in my card-making! Ecoline Liquid Inks are very popular on our website and we have sold many plus, Ecoline sets, overseas.

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