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Wonderful Rainbow Artwork

Research for Inspiration

I have been researching the last few days for business, looking for new ways to help with our business and, all the while doing so I have had the joy finding many talented designers, artists, textile designers and more. I find this part of business to be exciting and fun,  as it really helps to see what other artists are up to out there around the world, and seeing their unique way of creating.

Having been to art college and studying textiles I am like a sponge soaking up all the beautiful, colourful and unique works of like minded people. I look at someones work and think, "I could do that". It really urges me to want to go create but, in reality I just do not have the time to create (well I do to be quite truthful but, having two kids, a house to tend to and business to attend to every day I am far too tired to even think of creating. I get as far as "ohhh I really like that crafty make or painting and, just have to go create myself" but, never do it. Time is precious and I am now beginning to realise that any little time to create will be all the worthwhile.

Anyway, as I was looking through the newsfeed of facebook I found the wonderful rainbow artwork of the artist, Jane Donaldson.

jane donaldson 1

jane donaldson 2

Meet Jane Donaldson

Janes art is somewhat different in style as has a beautiful whimsical feel to it and her chosen subject is natural with lots of pattern and rainbows of vivid and intense colour. The artist works with ink & watercolours mainly but, also uses acrylics and, creates gorgeous paintings on canvas of more abstract work. You can view her amazing brightly coloured paintings on her website. Some of her work is just below though to give you an insight into her artworld. Quirky, fun and truly amazing paintings. Her art portrays whimsical observations of human behaviour, relationships with one self and others and, the place we call home. Many of Janes’ paintings draw inspiration from life events or musings about her very own life and, somewhat become all about her life, like an autobiography but just through paint and expression. Her work is characterized by tales enriched through the artists imagination and dreams. Her main focus is on colour and does so through her fascination with the human face.



Jane started painting in 2008 but was exposed to art through her family having been to many exhibitions and seeing art of true artists. Her family encouraged expressive art and, this we can see in her paintings. her work has flourished from being a stay at home mum to exhibiting in private collections and commissioned throughout eastern states of Austrailia.

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