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Paul A Wallace ArtWork

Paul A Wallace  ArtWork

Artist Background

I was born in Boston, Lincolnshire. I started painting oils from an age of 5 with my Grandmother, who used to exhibit in York Art Gallery.

When I was at school I carried on with my art and gained qualifications in GCSE and A level. I was very lucky enough to have an excellent art teacher at school, who is now the Head of Art at Eton College. I then went on to De Montford Art College in Lincoln, Lincolnshire to do a Foundation course. After which I had a prayer answered that I made to Jesus, and was guided to leave university and spend a year in Granada, Spain where I got a lot of inspiration from and was given the idea to run an Art Shop.

I have always loved art, and consider myself as very privileged to have the access to the quality art materials that I sell, and am increasingly frustrated not to be able to commit more time to my expressionistic, sporadic painting. Unless I am painting on location, I never really know what I will produce, and begin with the choice of some basic primary colours, and then let the Holy Spirit guide my hands, and take my mind on a journey of mental images within my subconscious. I enjoy letting go, and flitting through bursts of energy and movement to the calm quietness of a straight line.

In my schooling I have purposely limited my exposure to other known artists, as I wanted not to base my work on anyone unless I chose to. A huge influence was Mondriaan. To this day, I do the same. However I see significantly more artwork than ever due to the picture framing I do. What I do see is many artists doing the same things. I like to think that you will not be able to draw likenesses to many artists. But that’s not for me to decide, as I really do know nothing about art. I only paint.

Of course all I use is the paints you can find on this website.
I wouldn't dream of using anything else.~ Paul A Wallace



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  1. Jesus Calms the Storm
    RRP: £300.00
  2. Hold on to what is Good
    RRP: £420.00
  3. Illustration of the Hidden Treasure
    RRP: £400.00
  4. The Flood Recedes

    The Flood Recedes

    Sku: PAW12
    RRP: £75.00
  5. Remember my Chains

    Remember my Chains

    Sku: PAW13
    RRP: £125.00
  6. My Word is a Lamp to your Path
    RRP: £500.00
  7. Paul Sails for Rome
    RRP: £95.00
  8. Building on a Solid Foundation
    RRP: £165.00
  9. The Floating Ax Head
    RRP: £125.00
  10. Memories of the Last Supper
    RRP: £315.00
  11. The Transfiguration
    RRP: £115.00
  12. Waters beneath the Sky
    RRP: £75.00
  13. Live by the Sword: Die by the Sword
    RRP: £375.00
  14. Crumbs from the Table
    RRP: £190.00
  15. What is the emotion?

    What is the emotion?

    Sku: SKU1447
    RRP: £0.00
  16. What is the emotion??

    Guess the emotion

    Sku: SKU14471
    RRP: £0.00
  17. What is the emotion???

    What emotion is this?

    Sku: SKU144711
    RRP: £0.00
  18. What is the emotion????

    Can you Guess the Emotion?

    Sku: SKU1447111
    RRP: £0.00
  19. Albazin Life - Granada

    Albazin Life - Granada

    Sku: SKU14471111
    RRP: £0.00
  20. What time is the right time

    What time is the right time

    Sku: SKU144711111
    RRP: £0.00

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