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Ink Tools

There are many tools one needs in printing and ink based arts.

Lino, once the pride of Kirkcaldy and what everyone wanted in their kitchens, this is still a useful printing tool. It is easier to cut into than wood (which is handy, as wood cutting can result in very sore hands) and it’s naturally more suited to ink printing as it is difficult to stain, and easy to maintain in good condition. Our lino is well priced, and of good weight and quality.

Ink Rollers are handy tools, and rather essential to block printing as they are comparable to an artists brush. Used to apply colours after mixing to the lino or wood block in a flat manner, they are perfect for printing.

We also stock a variety of lino cutting tools, to create your permanent lino block plates. Our tools are hardy with strong handles, so that you can apply as much force as you wish and work as quickly or as slowly and prescribed as you like.

We even have some latex gloves to help you keep yourself clean and tidy!



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  1. Double Sided Tape - 9mm x 66m

    RRP: £6.95

    Special Price £4.50

  2. Double Sided Artists Tape (Flush)

    RRP: £6.25

    Special Price £2.95

    RRP: £2.50
  4. Safety Pins - Bundle of 12
    RRP: £0.95
  5. Extendable Drawing/Poster Tube - (to fit A1)
    RRP: £17.95
  6. Scotch Magic Tape - 19mm x 33m
    RRP: £4.99
  7. Pack of 10 blades for metal kraft knife
    RRP: £3.95
  8. Easy Cut Lino Block 300x300mm
    RRP: £6.95
  9. 10 "snap-off" blades for large plastic kraft knife
  10. Pair of Vinyl Gloves
    RRP: £0.20
  11. Double Sided Tape - 38mm x 50m

    RRP: £9.38

    Special Price £6.75

  12. Steel Clips for Drawing Boards
    RRP: £1.25
    RRP: £2.95
  14. Clear Tape - 25mm x 66m
    RRP: £2.50
  15. Metal Kraft Knife

    Metal Kraft Knife

    Sku: DACKR
    RRP: £6.95
  16. Easy Cut Lino Block 300x300mm
    RRP: £15.50
  17. Large Plastic Kraft Knife
    RRP: £3.95
  18. A1 Plastic Holdall (punched handle)
    RRP: £10.95
  19. A3 Plastic Holdall with plastic handle
    RRP: £3.95
  20. A2 Plastic Holdall with plastic handle
    RRP: £7.50

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