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Drawing Tools

Don't want to leave a mark where you don't intend? Better get yourself a decent rubber!

  • Rubbers are an essential part of drawing as they control what you leave out of the picture unlike a painting which you can simply paint over. Out putty rubbers are fantastic as they remove virtually any mark from the page unlike any other eraser. For the more conventional among you, our Bruynzeel erasers pair well with our high quality Bruynzeel Design pencils for a flawless drawing experience.
  • A sharp pencil is the first step in a drawing, which is why we have such a variety of sharpeners. Choose from our many high quality examples that we offer that’ll leave you with a sharp tip and not a pencil with a broken lead or chewed wood.
  • Tape is important, as a craft material firstly, but also in stretching paper. The stretching of paper onto a drawing board (which we also stock!), is a useful trick for the artist, as it allows for the flattest, smoothest drawing surface, and therefore, the best drawing experience! We stock parcel, masking and duct tape, so if you need tape for anything else, just look our way!
  • Folio cases are the handiest of things, as they keep your work protected from the elements, knocks and bumps, and wear and tear. Whether taking your artwork something, or simply storing it safely in your home, a folio case means your art will be preserved, and persist longer than it would if it were simply lying around.



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  1. Double Sided Artists Tape (Flush)

    RRP: £6.25

    Special Price £2.75

  2. Double Sided Tape - 9mm x 66m

    RRP: £6.88

    Special Price £2.95

  3. Metal 30cm Ruler with lifting grip
    RRP: £7.95
  4. Double Sided Tape - 38mm x 50m
    RRP: £9.38
  5. Clear Tape - 25mm x 66m
    RRP: £2.38
  6. 60cm Steel Ruler non slip
    RRP: £5.50
  7. Swann Morton Scalpel Handel only - No 3
    RRP: £5.95
  8. 33cm Clear Tool Box with foldout shelves
    RRP: £11.95
  9. Koh-I-Noor Hard Plastic Eraser
    RRP: £0.60
  10. Battery Operated Eraser
    RRP: £5.95
  11. A1 Plastic Holdall (punched handle)
    RRP: £11.50
  12. A3 Display Flip File Folder
    RRP: £8.95
  13. Koh-I-Noor Artist Eraser/Putty Rubber
    RRP: £1.25
  14. A3 Plastic Holdall with plastic handle
    RRP: £3.95
  15. A4 Display Flip File Folder
    RRP: £3.95
  16. Metal Double Pencil Sharpener
    RRP: £0.95
  17. 30 Refils for Battery Operated Eraser
    RRP: £1.50
  18. Packet of 3 Pencil Erasers
    RRP: £1.25
  19. A2 Plastic Holdall with plastic handle
    RRP: £6.75
  20. Set of 8 Rolled Paper Stomps for blending
  21. Plastic Carrying Tray

    Plastic Carrying Tray

    Sku: 88000001
    RRP: £6.95
    RRP: £4.96
    RRP: £7.69
    RRP: £8.80
    RRP: £5.23

Items 1 to 25 of 72 total

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