Canvases & Board

Quality Stretched Canvases

Here we sell quality stretched canvases, canvas boards as well as rolls of canvas, delivered directly too you. More recently we have added our own range of triple primed MDF boards, in 20x20, 30x30 and 40x40 square centimetre sizes.

Talens canvases are one of the best ready to go canvases on the market and certainly fit the bill and can be a great compliment to your creative skills, standing the test of time. All the canvases we sell have been primed and stretched - expertly prepared for your creativity; and are made in Europe except the Art Creation budget brand.

Talens branded Art Creation Canvases are a high quality Chinese pre stretched canvas, more expensive but much better quality than the vast majority of other Chinese canvases. If you are not sure where your canvas is made, just look at the wood, and if there is very little or no grain visible, then it is most likely made in the far east. Talens own branded ones are made in Poland, Europe.

What is the Quality Like?

The wooden stretcher bars in the Talens branded linen and cotton canvases are made from pine and have an excellent structural quality. This gives them have a good weight; and are much less likely to warp, especially on larger sizes. Talens canvases are probably one of the best available in the UK, but one of the more expensive and are available in linen and cotton. The linen texture is a much more uniform weave, and is slightly rougher than the cotton.

So that you are not faced with the nightmare of your paint falling off of your canvases, it is important that the canvas you choose has good adhesive properties, is professionally primed and sized. Unfortunately buying a cheap and low cost pre-stretched cotton or linen canvas can do just that, and you certainly do get what you pay for.

The canvas boards made of universally prepared & primed cotton, stretched onto MDF board. The deep edge, 3D type canvases are great if you want a more modern look or just want a nice chunky feeling canvas. They are 2.5 centimeters deep.

Canvas on the Roll

We also sell Talens canvases on a rolls of various prepared types of textile, both finely and coarsely woven, coming in some outstanding widths, all in 10 metre lengths.

You can order the fine grain cotton in 1 metre lengths if you don't need a whole roll. If your house is exploding with art materials and supplies, and you are lacking inspiration why not buy a canvas, set it up on your easel and let it stare at you. Eventually you will get so frustrated by its calls; you will eventually start painting without thinking about it.