Ecoline Inks & Watercolour Brush Pens

Fantasticly Made Acrylic Inks from a household name

Ecoline liquid watercolour inks are highly concentrated and absolutely fantastic for many reasons. It is no wonder they are very popular!

  • The inks are Incredibly manageable, as they are essentially heavily concentrated, pre-mixed dye based liquid watercolour in a jar.
  • They are easy to use straight out of the jar as they are mixable on a tray.
  • With a huge 46 colour range you can create any colour can think of through mixing and unlike other inks, they remain very stable while mixing due to their very simple, watercolour like mixture, with blinding brilliance and vibrancy.
  • The colours are extremely bright and vibrant and very suitable for cards and paintings as well as traditional illustration and graphic work. They are even mixable with acrylic paint, as they are entirely water based. Talens Ecoline brings you fantastic results every time.
  • The inks themselves have a low lightfastness, as they are primarily dye based. But the generally way artists are using them is to scan the artwork and digitise it. Many illustrators and architects work with them in this way
  • If you are looking to make savings, the more popular colours are available in 490ml and 990ml bottles.
  • Soon we will have listed the Ecoline Pens, which make this brand even more versatile & exciting.