Dr. Ph. Martins Inks

Want beautiful, vibrant colour? Check out these radiant inks

Dr. Ph. Martin’s Radiant Inks have a range of 56 fantastic inks with unsurpassed brilliance of colour, almost unmatched by any other ink. However, they do have a relatively poor lightfastness, due too the uncompromising quality of the dye. They come in a wide range range of tones and can actually be mixed with acrylic paint for amazing results. You can even use them for batique and dying fabric, if you fix the ink with salt.

Designers and illustrators are one of the main users of Dr Martin’s Radiant Inks as they are controllable and come in such a wide variety of tone. If you are an adventurous artists seeking fantastic colour in your work these inks are certainly worth considering working with. They are not waterproof once dry, and remain constantly workable. This is an interesting take on the usually staining world of ink.

The inks do not include any shellac unlike Indian Ink.

Overall, there are four different types of Dr.Ph.Martin's Solouble colours. In the range of these inks and watercolours there is a difference to each one and, they are as follows;

  • Hydrus Fine Art Watercolour
  • India Ink (Bombay India Ink Sets)
  • Radiant Concentrated Watercolour
  • Acrylic based (Spectralie Private Collection Sets).

These inks are designed for the artist and hobby painter and, are ideal for the hobby crafter for some crafts. ie. Filling in stamped areas. The fluidity of these inks and watercolours allows for larger areas of fresher washes and they have the ability to flow really easily. The Hydrus Fine Art Set and Spectralite Sets are lightfast however, the Radiant and Bombay are not lightfast. Care must be taken and you have to make sure that any creation you make using either of these two inks and watercolours are not put under direct sunlight, fluorescent light (energy savers) otherwise the vibrant true colours will fade. You need to store the bottles of in a dark cool place so they withstand their true vibrant true colours.