Cobra Watermixable Oil Paint - Solvent Free!

What is Watermixable Oil Paint?

Oil paint is truly the pinnacle of painting, the most varied in practice, the most versatile in usage, and weight. However, you may feel that oil paint has always been the most troublesome smelly and messy medium to work with with.

Ever since Leonardo Da Vinci popularised the use of oil paints at the start of the Italian Renaissance, oil paints have most likely been a lot of bother for many artists. Alas, fear not! Salvation from turpentine is here!

Looking for a smell free fast drying oil paint?

Water mixable & solvent free oil paint takes the best aspects of the best paint, and makes them so much easier and quicker to use. No smells, just soap and water!

The Cobra Artist Oil Paint was first introduced by Royal Talens in 2010. Talens made clever use mirroring the values of the COBRA art movement. COBRA is an ingenious acronym of the capital cities of the founders of the movement, Copenhagen, Brussels & Amsterdam, founded just after WW2. Talens created the COBRA Artist range out of understanding an artists need and desire for spontaneity in painting. A want by artists to work quickly, expressively and experimentally, in a solvent free environment.

Of course, the prescribed nature of turps oil painting was not conducive to their wants. So, Dutch technology, the artistic powerhouse that it is, created an oil paint mixable with water. If mixed with traditional oil paints, turps will have to be used, but this will not create adverse effects within your painting, as Cobra is in fact a genuine oil paint.

How is Cobra Oil Made Water-mixable?

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You might not believe it but Cobra Oil paints are technically no different to your normal oils except for the fact that they are WATER MIXABLE. It is known that you cannot mix oils with water but with Cobra Study & Cobra Artist you can and, wherever you are i.e.. at home, out an about you can grab some water and mix with these beautiful water-soluble oils. Why? Because these oils still contain linseed oil or safflower oil and no water is in the paint itself. A unique additive has been developed to produce a stable mixture of small oil droplets in water. It is an emulsifier within the paint that allows it to mix with water.

Adding large amounts of water though will create a watercolour type effects. Cobra is the best oil to start off with as it is easy to use and requires very little equipment where you can simply clean your hands and brushes with warm water and soap. It dries relatively quickly and you do not need to use all the mediums like you do with oil paints.

There are no harmful vapours so these are good on your health and , also means it does not matter whether you are in a confined space and better for the environment itself. Cobra produces the same fantastic results as your normal oil ; produces the same brush strokes and hardly any change in colour as time goes by.

With Cobra paint, you will find the following benefits:

• No solvents, odourless, clean with soap and water
• Can therefore be used anywhere
• Oil colour-like results: brush stroke, degree of sheen, brilliance, etc.
• Quality product which gives result for life, with materials that put less strain on the environment
• With water mixable oil colours you can paint in various techniques from water colour technique to all possible oil paint techniques (incl. glazing, alla prima, layered).
• Cobra colours have a uniform drying time and hardly any intrinsic differences between the colours.
• Comes with a full range of mediums and auxiliaries

It is just worth noting that you will likely find the paints a little more sticky than oil paints, and dry with more of a gloss. The skin on the paint will usually appear within a couple of days, and will be very tacky after 1 week. Cobra paints do dry faster than traditional oils, and are certainly much slower than acrylic.

Artist Quality water mixable oil colour - Cobra Artist

Cobra Artist distinguishes itself within the current water mixable oil colour market by offering an artists top-quality product at a more affordable price, within 4 price series of 70 colours. It is also with noting that 50% of this Colour range is mono-pigmented, making colour mixing cleaner. You can choose between 40ml and 150ml sizes of colour. Each tube is packed full of pigment, contains no filler and has the highest degree of grinding so that you get the maximum exposure of the pigment.


Cobra Study is available at affordable prices as there is less pigments in each tube than the Cobra Artist Line. Also the grinding of the paint is not quite so fine, so there are less costs associated with manufacturing. The colours are available in 40ml (40 colours) and 200ml (24colours). To compliment this there is a complete range of auxiliaries available. These mediums make the watermixable oils more spreadable as you create your masterpiece.

The colours in the range are a mix of opacity and transparency. Cobra Study has the highest degree of light-fastness (+++); under museum conditions works will last remain lightfastness for at least 100 years.

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