Waterproof Drawing Inks

Truly versatile ink packed full of colour, ideal for calligraphy and so much more!


Talens is renowned for it’s attention to detail and quality. The drawing inks they make are packed full of pigment (or dye depending on which ink you are using) and are full of creative possibilities. You can use the drawing ink with a brush, dip pen, atomiser, technical pen or airbrush. With all these options, the possibilities for creativity are endless. Be a trailblazer!


Important points to consider...


    • These inks are indelible (waterproof) and dry quickly allowing you to quickly create washes of colour. 
    • The brilliance of their tones work well together as well as their transparency gives allows you to create added depth. 
    • These inks have 16 bright, transparent colours, and two opaque ones (black and white). 
    • Through mixing semi-transparent colours with an opaque white, beautiful pastel colours can be created with ease.

 Whilst this ink has been used my many for tattooing, it is not sold as such, by us or Talens, and does say not for tattooing on the bottle.

 Another plus side is that Talens Drawing inks do not spread over ground surfaces such as canvas.