Talens Indian Ink

A highly light-fast waterproof black indian ink capable of the deepest tone.

Shellac based Talens Indian Ink is  a waterproof drawing ink that has a variety of uses, such as calligraphy, drawing art, outlining designs, as well as airbrushing graphics. A highly versatile stable ink, Tales have made it a quality of black that is unmatched in the world of art and design. The shellac is quite important as it gives the ink the best light fastness and permanence that is possible. Which means it maintains is colour for a long time, even a lifetime...

Talens only make theink at their headquarters in Holland, and sell it as an artist ink, not as a tattooing ink, as you will see on the bottle.

A colourful ink, and quite often referred to as India or Chinese ink, is superb for Chinese painting, or calligraphy work.

Of course saying that this black ink is colourful may seem counter intuitive. Many art lecturers will tell you that black is the absence of colour. Think about this though... If black absorbs all light and reflects none, why do we see it at all? Black and its accompanying tones and shades has a significant purpose, and is often an overlooked colour on the artists palette, having the ability to give depth in negative spaces and give a richness of life to a work of art.


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