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Artist Quality Gouache Paints & Talens Poster Paint

Artist Quality Gouache Paints  & Talens Poster Paint

Gouache, Talens paint for artists and designers, graphic artists and illustrators.

Choose from 3 main brands of designers gouache, made in Holland by Royal Talens.

  • Talens Extra Fine - Artists Quality, extra fine Designers Gouache, in tubes and jars. (65 Colours)
  • Ecola & School Colour - Larger sizes for Schools or large projects. (18 Colours)
  • Art Creation - Beginner and entry level starter sets

Why use Gouache?

Gouache is a paint that dries instantly. Designers Gouache is really good for graphic artists and illustrators too, as generally you cannot create a wash, and is great for fine detailed work.

Gouache is good for quick projects and ideal for artists always on the go. They are ideal for schools too especially for the youngsters in their primary years and, also good for secondary school years. Gouache paint produces a velvety, matt and opaque finish however; you can create a glossy finish with gouache paints by using the varnishes available, which come in a jar or spraycan.

A Gouache PaintingIn fact, most 20th century animations used Gouache because of its desirable drying speed and durability. A good example of Gouache can be seen in Henri Matisse Blue Nude Series.

Useful tip!

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If you want to make your gouache paint in jars last longer just add a drop of water on top of the gouache if not going to be using for a while, this will keep the surface nice and moist; so that when you come to use it again it will not have a tough skin on. When you come back to it months (or even years) later you may need to add another drop of water.

What is the difference between jars & tubes

The advantage of using the jars is that it reduces you costs, (as jars are cheaper to make than metal tubes) and gives you the ability to work with a fluid paint right from the start. All you need to do is give it a good stir when about to begin on your artwork. A lolly stick or a plastic coffee spoon would be ideal for stirring the paint to make fluid. We would not recommend Gouache to artists who want a slow drying type of paint as Gouache is instant drying as mentioned previously. If you need a slower drying paint, you could consider Acrylic, Watermixable Oil Paint, or Oil Paint.


Talens Gouache

Gouache Extra Fine

This a top quality artists gouache with a selection of 65 colours available in tubes and jars. The colours in the gouache range are very pure and mix easily together, so that an infinite number of colours can be created. The range also includes specialist paints like reflex and metallic colours, free of pigments based on harmful metals.

After drying your works will have a beautiful velvety surface. You can protect your work with Gouache Varnish (glossy or matt).

Paints often are available in jars, but not usually designers gouache. Talens gouache is unique in this as it is the only type of artists’ gouache available in jars. This form of packaging is cheaper and more environmentally friendly; as well as making it easier for you to use all the gouache in the container.

Download the PDF Colour Chart for Extra Fine Gouache Here


Ecola - great Student Paint Ecola School Gouache Paint

These colourful kids paint supplies for drawing and painting are specially developed paints for children, for use at home and at school. They are of a high standard, and meet European toy safety standards and are therefore non toxic. These student paints can also be used creatively in many techniques. They can be used separately, and the colours and the materials can also be combined well with other art supplies for kids such as Panda Wasco Pastels & crayons.

Main Benefits

• Intensely-coloured gouache available in 18 colours including the 3 basic mixing colours Lemon yellow (205), Tyrian rose magenta (359) and Light blue cyan (501)
• Intense colours so economical in use
• Available in glass bottle of 16 ml and larger plastic squeeze bottles
• Water-thinnable, so brushes can easily be cleaned with water afterwards

Download the Ecola PDF Colour Chart Here

School Poster Paint

Entry Leval Poster Paint/Gouache

Art Creation is ideal if you are just starting out and what to give goucah a try, the paints are inexpensive and still hold a reasonable standard. Only starter set are available, all in 10 ml sizes, in a good range of colours. If you need allot of paint at this level, then the School Colour is ideal.

Main Points

· Dries quickly to a splendid and matt appearance
· Scool Colour is packed in practical squeeze bottles of 1 litre & in 14 intermixable colours
· Water-thinnable, so brushes can be easily cleaned with water afterwards
· Cost Effective & still a good paint

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  1. White - Designers Gouache 16ml JAR
    RRP: £2.95
  2. Yellow - Designers Gouache 16ml JAR
    RRP: £2.95
  3. Deep yellow - Designers Gouache 16ml JAR
    RRP: £2.95
  4. Lemon yellow - (primary) Designers Gouache 16ml JAR
  5. Yellow ochre - Designers Gouache 16ml JAR
    RRP: £2.95
  6. Raw sienna - Designers Gouache 16ml JAR
    RRP: £2.95
  7. Orange - Designers Gouache 16ml JAR
    RRP: £2.95
  8. Greenish yellow - Designers Gouache 16ml JAR
    RRP: £2.95
  9. Vermilion - Designers Gouache 16ml JAR
    RRP: £2.95
  10. Carmine - Designers Gouache 16ml JAR
    RRP: £2.95
  11. Scarlet - Designers Gouache 16ml JAR
    RRP: £2.95
  12. Rose - Designers Gouache 16ml JAR
    RRP: £2.95
  13. Deep rose - Designers Gouache 16ml JAR
    RRP: £2.95
  14. Flesh tint - Designers Gouache 16ml JAR
    RRP: £2.95
  15. Permanent rose - (magenta) Designers Gouache 16ml JAR
  16. Light brown - Designers Gouache 16ml JAR
    RRP: £2.95
  17. Deep brown - Designers Gouache 16ml JAR
    RRP: £2.95
  18. Burnt umber - Designers Gouache 16ml JAR
    RRP: £2.95
  19. Burnt sienna - Designers Gouache 16ml JAR
    RRP: £2.95
  20. Sepia - Designers Gouache 16ml JAR
    RRP: £2.95

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