Pigmented and Dye based Inks are some of the most interesting & versatile mediums that an artists and designers can work with.

The permanence of the ink, the way it seeps into the paper, the way it stains rather than coats its grounds in colour all make ink a diverse and exciting artistic avenue to travel down. Our main supplier Royal Talens, is quite possibly best known for its indian drawing ink, and Ecoline range; and rightly so as the company was founded on inks for graphic designers and illustrators in 1899.

Talens Ink FactoryIt was this year when the founder, Marten Talens first started making graphic art supplies in Apeldoorn, Holland. We do also sell other brands of ink like the popular Dr PH Martin highly concentrated dye based ink, as well as the Hydrus range. Additionally you will find the household "Ecoline" liquid watercolour inks.

On the left you will see the first Talens factory in Appeldoorn. If you are interested you can find out some more about Royal Talens here. If you haven’t tried out their inks, why not try some of the highly concentrated watercolour Ecoline ink , they are extremely bright and vibrant.

We also sell waterproof drawing ink and Indian ink in a variety of convenient and cost effective sizes, particularly if you are interested in calligraphy Royal Talens do make many other types of fine art materials and paints. Have a look around our site and see!