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High Quality Artist Paints Imported from Holland

High Quality Artist Paints Imported from Holland

Paints for Artists on all Budgets

Here you can easily choose from our large selection of fine artists paints, to fit just about any budget.

We focus on selling brands of artists paint not commonly available in the UK, we do this for a number of reasons.

  • To give you more choice in the marketplace
  • We believe the brands we sell are a better product in both cost and quality.
  • Quality Assurance, the large majority of the paints we sell are made in Holland.
  • We can usually be quite competitive with our prices.

Inside our Art Shop


Quality Choice

Ranging from Budget, to Artists Quality, Royal Talens have Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Amsterdam, Art Creation and Cobra Watermixable Oils to choose from. Talens are one of the leading manufacturers in the global fine art material marketplace.

If you are thinking of starting painting, thats fantastic! Its a great thing to be creative. We don't do art lessons or painting classes but we can give you advise on what to use, as we are artists ourselves.

Painting is a great way to switch off, relax and have fun. This is especially true with acrylics, as they dry so quickly, and like the water-mixable oil paint they are odourless. If you are just starting off have a look at the starter paint sets in the Art Creation range.



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  1. Double Sided Tape - 9mm x 66m

    RRP: £6.88

    Special Price £4.50

  2. Double Sided Artists Tape (Flush)

    RRP: £6.25

    Special Price £2.95

  3. Double Sided Tape - 38mm x 50m

    RRP: £9.38

    Special Price £6.75

  4. Extendable Drawing/Poster Tube - (to fit A1)
    RRP: £16.95
  5. Dust Mask for Spray Paint Etc

    Dust Mask for Spray Paint Etc

    Sku: JSP-MASK-FFP1
    RRP: £2.50
  6. Budget acrylic colour combi box

    RRP: £42.70

    Special Price £39.95

  7. Clear Tape - 25mm x 66m
    RRP: £2.38
  8. Pair of Vinyl Gloves
    RRP: £0.20
  9. 8" Wooden Figure Mannequin
    RRP: £5.75
    RRP: £2.95
  11. Steel Clips for Drawing Boards
    RRP: £1.25
  12. Inking Tray -190 x 250mm
    RRP: £2.75
  13. Scotch Magic Tape - 19mm x 33m
    RRP: £4.99
  14. Safety Pins - Bundle of 12
    RRP: £0.95
  15. 7" Wooden Hand Mannequin
    RRP: £16.95
  16. BULLDOG/BINDER CLIPS ~ 22mm PACK of 14
    RRP: £2.50
  17. Pocket Colour Wheel 5-1/8" (13cm)
    RRP: £7.50
  18. Large Folding Plastic Painting Tray Palette With 33 Wells - 26x14
  19. 40ml - Rembrandt Oil - Mixed white - Series 1

    RRP: £8.23

    Special Price £7.65

  20. 15ml - Rembrandt Oil - Mixed white - Series 1

    RRP: £5.44

    Special Price £5.05

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